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The Birreria and the Léc'

From the stone arch on the edge of the town of Malé, in the direction of Trento, take the SP 141 road for Bolentina and Montés as far as the first bend. Turn right onto a narrow unpaved road and continue for about 100 m before turning left, slightly uphill, and follow the wide even road for Val di Rabbi as far as the area and building called Birreria (brewery) on the bridge over the Torrente Rabbiés (stream). Excellent beer was once produced in this building starting from the end of the 19th century. The road follows the line of an irrigation canal through the fields around Malé, known in dialect as the léc’.
Time: approx. 1 hour.

After the bridge over the Torrente Rabbies, follow the provincial road to the left for about 400 m until you reach the Mulino Ruatti, a historical watermill that was built at the beginning of the XIX century, that has been carefully rebuilt and is now fully functional giving visitors the chance to learn more about how life was in a mill. There is an entrance fee to visit the mill.

Parco Regazzini and the pine forest

Near the church of San Luigi Gonzaga and the building of the "Comunità della Val di Sole", there is a road that goes downwards and passes under the SS 42 state road and then takes you across the bridge located over the Noce River until you reach the area called "ai Molini". On the right, there is a
Venetian (water-powered) sawmill that was in operation up until 1978 and has now been opened to the public for display purposes during the summer months. Continue uphill from the sports complex to the wooded area of the Parco Regazzini, equipped with a fitness trail and other facilities. Return, descending via the cement bridge known as the Passerella (its name comes from the fact that it was once only an unstable wooden passageway over the river) located high above the rapids of the Noce River which is known for canoeing, kayak and rafting descents. From here you can cross through the pine forest, then through the playground and after going past the cemetery you will reach the centre of the town of Malé.
Time: approx. 45 minutes.

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