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Passo Tonale
Presena Glacier

In Passo Tonale (1.882 m) take the gondola lift up to Passo Paradiso where you can visit the "Galleria Paradiso" (Paradiso Tunnel), a long cave that was dug out of granite during the war and that was used as a shelter for soldiers. This tunnel now hosts a multimedia exhibit called "Sounds and Voices of the White War". There is a selection of war remains on display and information concerning the war and the conditions in which these soldiers lived on this warfront located on the glacier. A special sound system combines the sounds and the voices of the war that have been fragmented and muffled to create the same sounds as perceived by the soldiers when they were inside the tunnel, creating a striking and touching atmosphere.
Once you have visited the tunnel, you can return to the arrival of the gondola lift and you can take the route that goes past an imposing monument, the "Monumento alla Fratellanza", designed and built by Emilio Serra as a memorial to commemorate those who died in World War I. The route continues to the left of the Lago di Monticello lake before arriving at the Rifugio Capanna Presena (mountain hut - 2.738 m). It is also possible to reach this area by taking the chairlift. You can leave your vehicle in the parking area at the Paradiso gondola lift.
Time: approx. 45 minutes.

Val Presena

The "Raseghe" area can be reached by taking the trail that starts at the Passo Tonale sports field. First, walk to the end of the "percorso vita" fitness trail, then continue along the road leading downwards. At the end of this road, continue on the path to the right. After a few hundred meters take the trail on the right which leads you along a forest road that is closed to traffic by a metal barrier. The "Raseghe" area is also equipped for picnics and barbecues and can be reached in approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Strollers can only go as far as this point. Continue along the same route and take the first trail on the right to reach the so-called "beach" (1.650 m), a sandy area formed by the erosive action of the mountain stream that runs from the Alveo del Presena (riverbed) through this area. Then cross the various little bridges over the stream to reach the "Bait dei Cacciatori" ('hunter's lodge').
Time: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes.

For those travelling from Vermiglio, you can park your vehicle at the picnic area on the SS 42 road after the Casa Cantoniera (a dark red house) on the left or at the parking area at the sports field.

Alveo del Presena

To reach the "Alveo del Presena" area (riverbed - 2.184 m), take the trail that starts at the Passo Tonale sports field. First, walk to the end of the "percorso vita" fitness trail, then continue along the road leading upwards to the right. The Alveo, which can be reached in two hours (a rather demanding walk), forms a broad basin from which a number of very striking mountains rise: to the south is the towering Cima Busazza (peak), to the north the Monticelli mountain range, to the west the splendid Presena Glacier and the Cima Lagoscuro-Castellaccio mountain range. You can leave your vehicle at the sports field.
Time: approx. 2 hours. 

The San Bartolomeo Hospice - The Valbiolo Restaurant

To reach the San Bartolomeo hospice, take the trail that from the centre of Passo Tonale runs alongside the Adamello Ski ticket office. (Time: approx. 30 minutes). As an alternative, you can also take the paved road next to the parking area at the Valbiolo chairlift. From the historical hospice, continue left along the trail until you reach the Valbiolo Restaurant (2.244 m), which is also a starting point for demanding mountain hikes. You can also reach the restaurant by car. You can leave your vehicle at the Valbiolo chairlift located at Via Circonvallazione. Time (to the fort and the restaurant from the hospice): approx. 45 minutes.

The Tonale Biotopo Torbiera

You can leave your vehicle at the San Bartolomeo parish church parking area. The itinerary starts after the Torre Presena building, the third white tower at the end of the road called Via San Bartolomeo, by taking the narrow trail that winds its way through the lower part of the Tonale basin under the state road. This area is full of different micro-habitats including arid areas and others that form miniature lakes, rapidly flowing currents of water and areas where the water is still. These extremely different conditions create a wide range of vegetation. Once you reach the state road, continue along this road for several meters towards the town of Vermiglio. Near the rest area with picnic tables and a parking area, cross the road and take the trail that that goes upwards on top of the state road.
Continue until you reach the Tonale mountain landing strip, cross through the strip and continue towards the San Bartolomeo hospice that you can see further up. Continue until you reach the paved road that takes you back to the town of Passo Tonale. Along this itinerary you will find two equipped picnic areas with a built-in grill. Time: approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes This peat bog is an example of the coexistence of aquatic and marshland conditions at a high mountain height. The size of the biotope itself also creates a fascinating landscape, similar to that of an Arctic tundra. The biotope is completely surrounded by a wood and high mountain shrubs.

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