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Cogolo - Church of Santa Lucia

From the large car-park in the centre of Cogolo at the main bus stop (1.165 m), continue approx. 50 m along the sidewalk beside the SP 87 road towards the town of Celledizzo, in order to turn right onto the road for the area called Plazze - cycling path. Then take the trail that climbs up through the wood until you reach the romantic little church of Santa Lucia (1.196 m), which stands alone on a hill just outside of the town called Comasine, an old hamlet that was once inhabited by miners. Return along the same itinerary or go down to Comasine, 1 km along the SP 87 road, and just before the bridge, follow the cycling path all the way to the end, reaching the Plazze area.
Time: round trip 2 hours - 2 hours 30 minutes if you take the cycling path.

Cogolo - Tour of the "masi"

This itinerary starts from the parking area located near the small ancient church in the area called Pegaia, which can be reached from the town of Cogolo (1,5 km from the center), by taking the road to the Malga Mare area and then continuing onwards to the historic Cogolo-Pont hydroelectric power plant (1.170 m). Cross over the bridge on the Noce River and continue on the paved road until you reach the junction for the Masi delle Lame. Follow the forest road to the bridge located in the Fratta Plana area (1.386 m) and return along the trail that descends on the other side of the stream. When you reach the bridge in the area called Polveriera, remaining on the left side of the river, you will go past the Masi di Guilnova and then return to Pont. Along this itinerary, you will see numerous, typical rural mountain shelters called "masi".
Time: approx. 2 hours.

Peio Fonti - Wildlife area - Peio Paese

Near the square in front of the Peio Fonti gondola lift station, take the road on the right and after about 50 m take the trail on the left that in 10 minutes will lead you to the "Area Faunistica" (Wildlife Area). You can visit this area that has deer and roe deer in semi-captivity, in addition to the Stelvio National Park visitor’s centre. From here, it is possible to walk along a section of the trail that is located alongside the outer fence around the Wildlife Area; then, you must walk along a section of the SP 87 road and in about 30 minutes you will reach Peio Paese where you can also visit the Museo della Guerra Bianca (WWI Museum), located next to the parish church dedicated to San Giorgio and San Lazzaro and behind the local dairy/museum. Continue to the left of the church along the road to the Casanove area and the Baita 3 Larici, and from there back to Peio Fonti.
Time: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Peio Fonti - Forte Barba di Fior - Lago Pian Palù

To the left of the first turn along the provincial road that from Peio Fonti goes up to Peio Paese, take the paved road that leads to Lago Pian Palù, a well-known artificial lake located at 1.800 m, fed by the waters of the upper part of the Noce River. After about 1 km you will reach the parking area of the Malga Frattasecca (Alpine dairy). From here, continue on foot and after about 100 m, take the trail to the left that goes downwards to the bottom of the valley and then up to the Forte Barba di Fior, an Austro-Hungarian fortification dating back to World War I. You can also continue along the same trail in order to reach the area called Fontanino (1.680 m) in about 45 minutes. From here, continue along the same trail in order to reach the Lago Pian Palù (artificial lake at 1.800 m).
Time: round trip approx. 1 hour 35 minutes.

Peio Paese - Lago Covel

From Piazza San Giorgio, next to the parish church in the centre of Peio Paese, climb up towards the nearby hill called San Rocco where you can visit the Austro-Hungarian cemetery, containing the graves of several soldiers who died in World War I but whose bodies emerged only a few years ago from the permanent ice on the battlefield on Punta San Matteo. Continue onwards until you reach the rural dwellings in the Covel area and then continue on an unpaved track to the Malga Covel (Alpine dairy) and the Lago Covel lake (1.800 m). From there proceed to the waterfalls on the Rio Vioz. If you continue along the same trail, not far away, you will reach a natural rock climbing wall; further ahead you will return to the Masi di Covel (rural dwellings). To modify your return itinerary, we recommend that you take the n. 125 trail from here that will take you past some old, lovely "masi" (mountain shelters) and then quickly back to the town of Peio Paese.
Time: approx. 2 hours 30 minutes.

Peio Paese - Malga Talè

From the parking area in Peio Paese (1.556 m) go upwards, passing near a small shrine, along the narrow road that leads to the town's playground area; from here take the panoramic unpaved road that leads to the Croce dei Bagni - an area with a large wooden cross (1.680 m). From here, after going upwards to the left for a short distance, follow the directions to Malga Talè (Alpine dairy - 1.723 m) which can be reached in about 30 mins. The latter has recently been renovated by the Stelvio National Park and now houses an educational centre called "Il Bosco degli Urogalli" dedicated to the life of the Tetraonidae bird family: where you can learn more about the wood grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse and the rock ptarmigan that can all be spotted in the surrounding woods and mountain pastures.
Time: round trip approx. 1 hour 30 minutes.

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