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Laghi di S. Leonardo - Palù waterfall
Near the third of the lakes (the closest to the village), cross the Torrente Vermigliana and continue along a laneway to take a right at the first junction. After about 200 metres take the trail leading to the Palù waterfalls. Come down the right of the Rio Palù facing downstream to reach the laneway leading back. Continue left in the direction of the lakes to complete an interesting ring.
Overall duration: c. 40 minutes
Lakes of San Leonardo - Cross-Country Skiing Center

An easy and pleasant walk around three little artificial lakes, inhabited by friendly ducks and swans. Located on the "Via della Prada", a secondary road in Vermiglio, this area is equipped with a number of picnic areas, a children's playground, a bar that also serves sandwiches and a five-a-side football pitch. You can take the easy forestry road, which is completely flat, that will lead you to the area called Stavel where you can see the ruins of the Austro-Hungarian barracks dating back to World War I. You can park your vehicle at the Centro Fondo (Cross-Country Skiing Center).
Time: approx. 20 minutes.

Cortina - Via dele Pendege

On the bend near the church of San Pietro in the hamlet of Cortina (1.213 m) take the narrow road called "Via dele Pendege" which winds up through the sunny slopes of the meadows to reach the "Capitello di San Giorgio" (small shrine - 1.070 m). From here you can enjoy a vast view of the upper part of Val di Sole all the way up to the passageway through Passo Tonale. Legend has it that, here, a mother once left her little son on the edge of the field as she was reaping the crops, only to turn around and notice that the boy was playing with a very poisonous snake. She implored the saints to intercede, promising that she would build a shrine in their honour in return. As soon as she set the bowl of milk aside, which she was bringing to her child, the snake was attracted by the scent and went away, and the mother was able to rescue her son. You can leave your vehicle in via Cortina coming from via Fraviano. Time: approx. 40 minutes.
If you continue onwards, you can reach the town of Fucine (982 m) in approx. 30 minutes.

Baita Velon - Passeggiata delle Viscle

Beyond the Hotel Baita Velon (1.348 m), take the narrow road to the right marked "Passeggiata delle Viscle" (1.432 m). Continue alongside the stream until you reach a picnic area and a spring of refreshing water. Go right, cross the bridge and then immediately take a left onto the narrow road leading to the "Pradi del Pecè" meadows. Go upwards through the pastures to the Malga Pecè (Alpine dairy - 1.503 m). You can return along the forest road by staying on the left side of the stream (facing downstream) to complete a loop. You can leave your vehicle at the Hotel Baita Velon.
Time: round trip 2 hours 10 minutes.

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