Lago Covel
Val di Peio

Elevation amsl: 1839
Location: Peio

Catchment basin:Noce – Rio di Vioz
Mountain chain: Ortles
Hiking time: 0.50 min.
Difficulty: T – Touring
Elevation gain: 260 m
SAT trail n°: 105 - 125 - 127


After reaching the characteristic town of Peio Paese, follow the steep asphalt road, located near the church, until you reach the dosso (hill) of San Rocco. Here you will find the historical chapel dedicated to Saint Roch of Montpellier, built in the 1400’s. This hill is particularly important because during WWI it was the burial site for soldiers that died at the nearby battle front. In 1915 the enclosure walls were built around this area and the large pyramid with the eagle, created by a Tyrolean artist, was placed as a memorial on the site.  The soldiers buried here came from various nations (Austrians, Polish and Russian prisoners, several Italians). In 1921, the bodies were exhumed and brought to the war memorial in Rovereto.
Continue onwards northwest and take the forestry road that clearly enters into a larch forest that borders with the surrounding fields just above the town.  From here, you will begin to enjoy a view of the plain below. After a slight uphill climb you will reach a detour called "strada dei monti" (mountain road), do not follow this road but continue onwards on the seemingly flat, unpaved road and continue west. You will then reach several quaint mountain shelters located just underneath the road.  After having passed the winter ski slope, take the narrow mule track to the north, which is located near an old mountain shelter that runs along the fields that border with the forest. By following this easy trail, and avoiding descending onto the fields, you will pass several rocky cliffs (climbing wall) and after a short distance you will reach the small but charming Còvel waterfall that originates from the Rio Vioz (stream). After passing a small wooden bridge, you will easily reach the beautiful biotope.  This charming area, the remains of an ancient lake, is definitely a natural jewel and it is located close to a beautiful larch forest to the north. Here, it is possible to observe a large colony of minnows (Phoxinus phoxinus L.), a rare mountain cyprinoid. Continuing west along the biotope, a short climb will take you to Malga Còvel (mountain dairy) located at 1856 m. The mountain pasture, which was once used by the community of Peio, has been recently re-established and is now used for sheep and goat-breeding.  (0.50 min.)
Return: Just after the mountain dairy continue onwards passed the picnic area and walk along the edge of the fields in the larch tree forest that borders with Val Taviela to the right. Continue onwards to the south following the unpaved road, leaving behind the marshy woodlands and several mountain huts to the left, until you once again reach the ski slope after climbing a small hill. Pass the ski slope and you will return to the forestry road followed at the beginning of the itinerary.  (0.40 min.)

Photos and itinerary descriptions: Tiziano Mochen

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