"Cinque Laghi" Excursion

Elevation amsl: 2371
Location: Campo Carlo Magno

Catchment basin: Sarca, Sarca di Nambino, Sarca di Campiglio
Mountain chain: Adamello – Presanella
Subgroup: Presanella
Hiking time: 3.00 hours
Difficulty: E - Excursion
Elevation gain: approx. 300 m
Sat trail n° 265 – 226 – 232 -225 – 250


This itinerary starts from the rifugio Agostini (mountain hut) located at  2082 m. You can reach the mountain hut by following one of these two itineraries: by taking the n. 265 trail from malga Zeledria (mountain dairy) that takes you up through the pastures of Pradalago or, a longer itinerary that starts from Campo Carlo Magno and goes up to Lago delle Malghette (lake). However, it is generally recommended to reach the starting point by taking the Pradalago cable lift from Madonna di Campiglio. Once you reach the mountain hut go upwards for about five minutes along the same route as the equipped "Bozzetto" trail, which you will leave behind you on your right when you reach a clearly marked fork in the trail. From here continue onwards, to the west, on a semi-flat trail that will take you into an area that has pastures with sparse fir, larch and pine trees. Just underneath, you can see Lago Nambino (lake). The route, which is always clearly marked, first briefly descends through an area with remarkable examples of Swiss pine trees and then begins to go upwards, therefore you will reach a flat area through several rocky   crags and talus piles. After approx. 30 minutes you will reach a fork in the trail that descends on the left, with the SAT 226 trail marker, to the area called "Buca dei Cavalli". Continue upwards northwest: the trail continues upwards along several steep turns until it crosses the last part of the equipped “Bozzetto” trail. Brief ups and downs will allow you to pass several small valleys, then through rocky plates, pastures and heaps of scattered boulders until you arrive near Lago Serodoli (lake) ( 2371 m. 1.15 hour). An interesting detour, starting from the lake, will allow you to reach Val di Sole (SAT 203 trail marker). This itinerary, which is rather long, takes you to Val Gelada Pass which allows you to descend down to the lovely Fazzon lake in approx. 3 hours and a half also passing through Rifugio Artuik (mountain hut). Therefore, follow the directions that go towards a rise that allows you to go around the lake on the left. From here, you will enjoy an amazing view of Laghi Serodoli, Lago Gelato (lake), the Rocca di Nambron (rock) and the Brenta Dolomites to the southeast. Descend from the rise until you reach a small barrage for Lago Seroldi’s emissary. (1.30 hour). Continue southwest on a flat section above Lake Nero (lake), that has a unique dark color, and then continue upwards on a slightly steep slope. The route (SAT 232) now goes up and down as you pass through several rugged hollows in order to reach the eastern side of Lago Lambin (lake) which is characterized by rocky shores and crystal clear water. (2327 m. 2.00 hours) Go up a crevice for a short section in order to reach a small passageway from which you will start to descend on a clearly visible trail that has a slight slope. Continue onwards, always on a clearly visible trail, between rocky plates and blossoming pastures and you will reach Passo Ritorto. From the pass, descend down to Lago Ritorto (lake) located at 2058 m on a trail which has several zigzag sections. Near Lago Ritorto’s emissary, take the SAT 232 trail marker on the left. This is a flat trail, that after a lengthy crossing, takes you to Rifugio Pancugol (mountain hut), from where it is possible to descend down to Madonna di Campiglio with the “Cinque Laghi“ cable lift. (3.00 hours)

An alternative route is also possible: from Lago Ritorto, descend in a southwest direction with the SAT 255 trail through scattered rubble boulders and pastures. Cross through a lovely wood of European spruce trees and then through a vast, peaty plateau that is densely covered by Mountain pine shrubs and in approx. 1 hour you will reach Malga Ritorto (mountain dairy) located at 1747 m.

 Photos and itinerary descriptions: Tiziano Mochen

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