Diving into the Past to discover the Valley’s History
Val di Sole boasts a history that has been written over the course of millenniums. Some thousands of years before Christ the Celts settled here, followed by the Rhaetians and Romans. After that, the Franks passed through the area, then the prince-bishops of Trento and finally the Austro-Hungarians ruled. In the 19th century, Irredentistic movements arose; in World War I, Val di Sole was frontier land, and after World War II the emigration phenomenon accelerated. With so much history as a background, Val di Sole treasures rural buildings, strongholds, castles, palaces and churches, where sometimes you find real "hidden jewels".

In the valley 
  A jewel to be discovered: the church of St. Maria at Pellizzano
  A short walk from Malé
  A special walk: from Croviana to Dimaro
  Along old streets, to the churches and the Castle of Caldés
  At the heart of the Valley: St. Agata in Commezzadura
  At the North-Western border of Trentino: Passo Tonale
  Malé. The old town, the Parish church and the Museo della Civiltà Solandra
  Old and new in Val di Rabbi
  The Castle of Ossana and Parco della Pace
  The marks of a difficult past in Pejo
  The painting cycle dedicated to St. Maria Maddalena at Cusiano
Outside the valley 
  A tour of the mountain Passes: Tonale, Gavia, Stelvio and Palade
  A town with a rich culture: Rovereto and Castel Beseno
  Along the new road to Proveis and into Val d’Ultimo
  Bolzano: not only Ötzi, the man from Similaun
  From Clés to Tóvel, home to the brown bear
  Merano, the cradle of the Tyrol household
  St. Romédio Alpine sanctuary and Castel Braghér
  The products of Trentino: “MondoMelinda” and the valley’s dairies
  The San Michele Museum and the earth pyramids of Segonzano
  Trent, the capital of the Prince-Bishops
  Trentino’s wine factories and distilleries

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