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Pellizzano Surgery

Via Baschenis 6  
Telephone: 0463 752538

Medical assistance is ensured from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 20.00. A fee of € 20,00 for surgery visits and of € 30,00 for home visits is charged.


Foreigner healthcare: starting on July 1st, 2004, all residents of EU countries will have direct access to the healthcare services provided in other member States by simply submitting their TEAM card (or an equivalent document). The healthcare forms for members of foreign healthcare organisations (green booklets) are no longer used.

Residents of non EU countries having underwritten specific healthcare agreements with the European Union (Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, former Yugoslavia, etc.) will have to submit to the local healthcare offices the document issued by their native country. Please note that without a proper healthcare document (TEAM card or native country document), patients will be charged full current rates, even if they have underwritten a private healthcare insurance policy.


From 8 pm to 8 am, Tourists staying in lower Val di Sole (from Commezzadura to Cavizzana, Val di Rabbi) can contact the Malé Surgery: 0463 909405.

From 8 pm to 8 am, Tourists staying in upper Val di Sole (from Passo Tonale to Mezzana, Val di Pejo) can contact the Pellizzano Surgery: 0463 752538.


The District of Val di Sole has the power to change the above surgery hours due to particular service needs. Definitive hours will be posted on surgery information boards, the telephone n. and how the service is carried out.


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