Height: 710 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 249
Municipio / City Hall / Rathaus: Cavizzana, 21 - Tel. 0463 901100 - Fax 0463 900745
City/town: Cavizzana   
Cavizzana is the newest commune in Val di Sole and the only one in the lower valley that stands on the orographic right of the river Noce. It became an autonomous commune in 1956, after always being a hamlet of Caldes. In recent years the town has gone through a notable period of development, both from a demographic viewpoint and with regards its economic activities. Agriculture still plays a very important role, which is specialised in apple growing, while in the past this went alongside lime and iron production.
The toponym Cavizzana derives from the latin carex, the Carex, an aquatic reed. It is mentioned for the first time in 1200, but already by 1318 it had assumed the name we know today. For centuries this small community was governed by its own Charter of Rules, of which we possess a copy dating back to 1586. A famous story is told about the locality of “Fucine”, where every two years a woman murdered her husband, until the priest cursed the whole area, which was then buried by a landslide and the houses destroyed by fire. In 1956 Cavizzana became an autonomous commune.
The parish church of Saint Martin, mentioned in the first half of the 14th century, was rebuilt in its present form during the course of the 15th century, and was enlarged and restored in the centuries that followed. The façade has a portal that is flanked by two windows and surmounted by a Baroque opening. Characteristic is the bell tower with a set of mullioned windows, a truncated brick pyramid spire with a “scandole” roof. The inside, with its gothic style vault, holds three wooden Baroque altars, which were made at the workshops of the carvers Ramus and Bezzi. The tabernacle of the main altar is considered to be the most beautiful in the valley for its carving, gilding and figures. Two canvasses were painted in 1905 and 1907 by the Venetian Diodato Massimo (1846-1924).
A must see
Gate carved in 1632: the famous “Sass de la Guardia” (the Guard’s Rock), which is a boulder situated on an ancient road which connected Cavizzana to Caldes. The date records the years when a plague epidemic raged throughout Val di Sole and the fact that due to the continuous presence of guards at the boulder, the small community of Cavizzana was spared from the disease.
An easy and panoramic excursion begins at the “masi” of Cavizzana (at an altitude of 1087 m) and leads to Lake Verdés (1641 m), on an alpine plateau that provides a vast panoramic view of both Val di Sole and Val di Non.

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