San Giacomo-Cassana-Tozzaga
Height: San Giacomo 775 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M., Cassana 696, Tozzaga 658
Inhabitants: San Giacomo 71, Cassana 76, Tozzaga 127
City/town: Caldes   hamlets: Bozzana e Bordiana - Samoclevo - San Giacomo-Cassana-Tozzaga
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These three hamlets belong to the municipality of Caldes. Cassana and San Giacomo are located uphill above the bottom of the Valley. A road branches off the main road and takes you to Cassana, which is right after the turning point, and after a kilometre to San Giacomo. These hamlets share the same trend of the other villages of the so-called “Capèle”, where the Century-long farming tradition has given way to a massive development of fruit-growing, particularly specialised in apple growing.


The hamlets located in lower Val di Sole are known under the name of “Capele". In ancient times, San Giacomo used to be called Solasna (doc. year 1220), a pre-Latin toponym Sol/Sul, referring to the name of the Valley. The current name comes from the Saint to which the hamlet’s church is dedicated. Before the mid 15th Century, Solasna, Cassana (doc. a. 1307) and Tozzaga made up the so-called “Magnifica comunità di San Giacomo” (tht is, the magnificent community of Saint James). During the 16th Century the Regole della Comunità (community assembly) used to meet in the so-called "pontara da la tor”. The chapels belonged to the Livo Parish until 1824 and reported to the Cis curacy untile 1620, when San Giacomo became a curacy of its own. During the 19th Century, for some short periods of time (1810 -1819 e 1850 e 1861) the three villages were joined with the Caldes municipality. The final merger with Caldes was not completed until 1928.


The church of San Giacomo stands out amongst the churches and chapels of the three villages because o its historical, artistic and architectural relevance. the church was erected at the outskirts of the homonymous village. The building that reportedly existed in the 14th Century was rebuilt in the early 16th Century and enlarged in the 17th Century. The façade was reconstructed in 1821. The church boasts a magnificent, stout smoothly plastered stone bell tower with two lines of late Romanesque mullioned windows with one or two lights with a pyramidal stone pinnacle. 
The interior still houses three 17th Century wooden altars and a main altar made of precious polychrome marble by Giovanni Merlo (an artist from Vicenza around the 1680s), coming from the church dedicated to the Holy Trinity in Trent. Worth seeing are an altar piece portraying the Saint to whom the church is dedicated by Antonio Longo (1748-1820), complete with the artist’s signature and date (1814), as well as two late Gothic statues.

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