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Bozzana e Bordiana
Height: Bozzana 629 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M., Bordiana 654
Inhabitants: Bozzana 120, Bordiana 88
City/town: Caldes   hamlets: Bozzana e Bordiana - Samoclevo - San Giacomo-Cassana-Tozzaga

This is the first inhabited village you will step into after crossing the Mostizzolo bridge, linking Val di Non and Val di Sole above a steep ravine. Hamlet of the Caldes municipality, Bozzana, as well as the other so-called “Capèle” hamlets, used to belong to the Livio Parish. The village has a longstanding agricultural tradition and at present is specialised in fruit growing. In the past Centuries the hamlet, along with the whole lower valley, was also growing silkworms and boasted a local wine called Gropèl. Righ after Bozzana comes Bordiana, a hamlet traditionally linked to the changing fortunes of the nearby village. Bordiana is also mainly devoted to agriculture and farming, and nowadays its economy is based on apple orchards.


The ancient praedial toponyms Bodetiane (Bozzana) and Burdellana (Bordiana), witnessed only at the beginning of the 13th Century, recall an ancient Roman presence. From the early Middle Ages to the early 19th Century the two hamlets formed one community that used to govern itself based on the rules established in the so-called Carta di Regola, a charter approved in 1567. The tiny villages were also dedicated to vine growing.
The local church belonged to the Livo Parish and reported to the Cis curacy. In 1747 the Bozzana chapel – dating back to the 14th Century - became an independent curacy, whereas as early as in 1719 the nearby Bordiana had a small church dedicated to the Holy Virgin. Under Napoleon (since 1810) and between 1850 and 1861, Bozzana and Bordiana were linked, along with the “capèle” hamlet, to the Caldes municipality. The final merger with Caldes dates back to 1928.


On the road crossing Bozzana there is a mansion that belonged to the Peghini family, decorated with friezes and medallions. Thanks to a recent renovation, the church dedicated to Saint Peter and Paul in Bozzana and the Annunciation chapel in Bordiana boast their simple charm. The first building, already existing after the mid-14th Century and further enlarged during the 17th Century, boasts several gothic frescoes as well as a marble altar carved by the marble craftsman from Rovereto Scanagatta (1895). 
The bell tower dates back to 1528. The little church of Bordiana still houses two 18th Century paintings, a wooden altar with a marble-like decoration boasting a 1897 wooden sculpture as well as 14 canvasses representing the Via Crucis and painted in 1759 in the workshop of Matthias Lamp.

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