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City/town: Terzolas   

Terzolas is an ancient settlement located along the southern slopes of Monte Lac (2431 m).  Agriculture and livestock breeding are both important for the town’s economy. In fact, the town is surrounded by numerous apple orchards that are part of the “Melinda” apple company and it also has a long-standing tradition in the production of dairy products with its local “Cercen” (dairy), established in 1971, which is located right in the town.



Archaeological excavations, carried out in 1935, proved that the area was already inhabited in ancient times, which is also confirmed by its name which has a pre-Latin origin (suffix –as and the Latin word Tertio or Tertius which means third). Several bronze coins were also found, proving that the area was under Roman rule. Terciolasum appears in written documents only during the first years of the 13th century. At the time of the Episcopal Principality, numerous noble families (Ferrari, Greifenberg, Malanotti) lived in the town and the homes they built can still be seen in the historic centre of the town. Local folklore tells of a visit by the Emperor Maximilian I in 1516. After centuries of self-governance, the community of Terzolas was joined to that of the nearby town of Malé, first during Napoleonic times (1810-1814) and then again during the Fascist era (1928). In 1952 it became an independent municipality.


Between 1794 and 1800 local craftsmen rebuilt the church of Saint Nicolò in a late Baroque style but they maintained the medieval apse, which was transformed into a sacristy, and the old bell tower with its brick pinnacle and mullioned windows. Inside, the church has a single nave, five marble altars, several 17th century paintings (one attributed to Elia Naurizio), 19th century paintings (an altarpiece by Domenico Delpero 1841), murals on the vault ceiling of the nave and the presbytery and a wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1720) by Vigilio Prati from Cles. At the end of the town, going towards Malé, in a panoramic position you can admire the Capuchin monastery, built in 1896, and the Sacred Heart Church (which has a late 19th century altarpiece painted by Chiocchetti from Moena). The monastery was renovated in 2010.


In the centre of the town, on the north side of the square, one finds the "Palazzo della Torraccia” (Casa Malanotti). This is a fine example of the noble residences of the late Renaissance period. It is a successful compromise between a fortified home (battlements on the external walls, embrasures, machicolations on the façade) and a “palazzo” with elegant mullioned windows, Gothic elements (erker –bay windows) and other elements that truly reflect the Renaissance style (bossage portal on the façade). It was built between 1573 and 1579 by Francesco Enigler, then partly destroyed by a fire in 1645 and enlarged and embellished between 1652 and 1665 by the canon Bernardino Malanotti. He had the hall on the second floor frescoed with a frieze decorated with volute plant motifs, putti, satyrs and family crests. This building was restored during the 1980’s and today it hosts the town hall and the historical library of the “Centro Studi Val di Sole” association.


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