Bolentina e Montes
Height: Bolentina 1.161 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M., Montes 1.153 m
Inhabitants: Bolentina 55, Montes 15
City/town: Malé   hamlets: Bolentina e Montes - Magras e Arnago

Bolentina and Montes are the highest hamlets within the municipality of Malé, located at 1161 and at 1153 masl. These are undoubtedly ancient hamlets, their place names date back to the Early Medieval Period. From the meadows surrounding Bolentina and Montes, there’s a fantastic view of the middle and lower parts of Val di Sole, the higher part of the nearby Val di Non and the lovely peaks of the Brenta Dolomites; but the view doesn’t stop here, in the distance it’s also possible to see the Marmolada and Catinaccio peaks. These typical mountain villages have maintained their rural characteristics even though only a small percentage of the area is still used for agriculture, while livestock farming is still quite popular.


Bolentina and Montes are both located above 1,000 masl. The first place name most likely has early medieval origins and there is proof that it already existed as early as 1211, while the latter, suggesting the village’s orographic position (from Montesio – “of the mountain”) can be found in a document dating back to 1200. The two villages used to be a single community governed according to the “Carta di Regola”, a town statute dated 1644. As early as the mid 15th century there was a chapel dedicated to Saint Valentine, located at a height of 1218 m on top of a small hill right between the two hamlets. In 1605 the chapel became a curacy within the parish of Malé. Under the Kingdom of Italy, Bolentina became part of the municipality of Malé; later on it became an independent town until 1928 when it became part of Dimaro. In the post-war period the hamlets became part of Monclassico and then Malé. 


The church, that used to be known under the name of “Santa Maria Maddalena al Monte” dates back to the 15th century. During the middle of the 15th century it was enlarged with the addition of a second nave and a portal was added to the façade (1553). The pointed bell tower has two rows of late Romanesque mullioned windows.  The 18th century high altar with marble-like decorations and two 17th century wooden side altars can still be admired. The altarpiece on the back wall representing Saint Valentine was painted by a local artist, Domenico Delpero (1810-1842). The murals on the vault of the nave are by Metodio Ottolini (1926). 


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