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City/town: Monclassico   hamlets: Presson

On January 1st 2016, the municipality of Monclassico together with the hamlet of Presson, have become part of the new municipality called Dimaro Folgarida, established after merging together the municipalities of Dimaro and Monclassico.

The commune of Monclassico once included the mountain hamlets of Bolentina and Montes, but today is formed by the two villages of Presson and Monclassico. Monclassico marks the limits of fruit farming, which up to this point, but no further, still guarantees good results. In recent years the commune has seen great economic development and building work, although its results have not always been well controlled. Of great importance are the artisan, commercial, tourist and entertainment areas that have allowed the economic growth of Monclassico.


The area of Monclassico has been inhabited since the Iron Age, which has been confirmed by the discovery of a small loom weight. The name of the town is considered to be pre-Latin. In Medieval times Monclassico played an important role in the Episcopal government which, at the beginning of the 13th century, elected the town to be one of the two seats of the upper and lower “deganie” into which the valley was divided for administrative purposes. In more recent times there was a furious fire in 1622 that completely destroyed the village, which was later rebuilt with many beautiful palazzos. These include those of the families Valenti, Mocati, Berera and Bottea. One of the most beautiful “stue” in Trentino, which dates to the 17th century, comes from Monclassico and is now conserved at the Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum at Innsbruck.


The first church, dedicated to Saint Virgil existed in 1240. What remains of this church is the bell tower with romantic style mullioned windows and a portal keystone, dated 1452, inserted into the south wall of the vestry. The present building was constructed between 1771 and 1778 in the Baroque style, with a façade broken by pilaster strips supporting a stringcourse. On the vault, the single nave and the bowl-shaped apsidal vault, there are late 18th century frescoes by Pietro Paolo Dalla Torre. The church has wooden and marble altars. The right hand one has several late gothic statues. The pulpit and the confessional are the rococo style work of Giovanni Insom di Casez (circa 1797).

A must see

In the centre of the village a restored house faces on to the Piazza della Fontana which has a large fresco (more than 4m2) dated to 1511. Below there is writing in gothic characters that is only partially legible. The painting was commissioned after the plague of 1510 and portrays Saints Rocco and Sebastian (right) next to the Madonna who is seated on a throne with baby Jesus standing and supported by her lap. The painting is surmounted by a Renaissance frieze with five pairs of mermaids.

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Ufficio Informazioni Dimaro Folgarida
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