Height: 1.350 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 44
City/town: Dimaro Folgarida   hamlets: Carciato - Folgarida

Built on the road going from Dimaro to Passo Campo Carlo Magno and then to Madonna di Campiglio, the Folgarida ski resort is today one of the most important economic centres of the Trento region both in terms of summer, and especially winter, tourism . The erection of the modern resort started in 1965, to gradually expand to become a centre boasting a large number of facilities and tourist amenities, developing along a twofold road axis on different levels, directly linked to the State road. A great number of lift facilities get to the top of mount Folgarida (1864 m), with a direct link with the nearby Marilleva and Madonna di Campiglio ski slopes, that together make up a ski carrousel where skiers can freely glide down the slopes on all sides of the mountain.


The Folgarida toponym comes from the Latin “filicaretum”, that means “fern place”. Mount Folgarida has been exploited for centuries in the framework of the valley’s forestry and pasture-based economy and was known as early as in 1220, according to a written document quoting three cheese heaps that local tenants were bound to pay to the Trent Bishop tax authorities.

A must see

Not far from Folgarida, along the narrow, evocative Val Meledrio, a small chapel is there to remind the place where, as early as in medieval times, on top of the so-called hillock of Saint Brigida used to rise an ancient hospice ruled by monks that, according to a legend, would have been set up by the Knights Templars. 
The old road used to go up along the Meledrio river and provided a link between Dimaro and Passo Campo Carlo Magno, going down again towards Campiglio, one of the most frequented passage roads. 

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