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Height: 930 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 90

Past the Rovina lock, a road winds up right to Deggiano, the first hamlet of the Commezzadura municipality. A typical mountain village, with large brick and wood houses, Deggiano was traditionally living on cattle breeding. The Castelìr hillock rising behind the probably was the site of a prehistoric castellar.


Evidences of the Roman toponym, coming from the personal name Eggius, date back to 1213 (Dezano).
Although the village was part of the Commezzadura community, it used to have its own rules established since 1494 in a Carta di Regola. The church dedicated to the Holy Trinity was consecrated in 1586, but probably a sacred building had been existing before. The Deggiano church was always part of the Sant’Agata Parish, and only in 1826 a chaplainship was created. Under the Austrian empire Deggiano (1819-1919) became an independent municipality, to be joined again to Commezzadura in 1928.

The church, built in the late 16th Century, is a remarkable example of a style delay, since the architectural features of the building recall the valley’s gothic style. The Renaissance style façade memorial portal is dated 1611. The interior is aisle-less and is divided into two spans covered by a cross-vault. The presbytery has a star-shaped ribbed vault. 
The wooden main altar is one of the earliest works (1620) of the carver-sculptor Lenner. the early 17th Century altar piece representing the Holy Trinity and boasting noble coats of arms at the bottom was painted by the artist signing with the initials MR, a German style painter. The two side altars in carved, gold-painted wood come from the 17th Century Ramus workshop.
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