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Almazzago con Costa Rotian
Height: 855 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: Almazzago 234 - Costa Rotian 4
City/town: Commezzadura   hamlets: Almazzago con Costa Rotian - Deggiano - Mastellina - Mestriago con Daolasa - Piano

It is the only hamlet of Commezzadura located on the hydrographic right of the river Noce, going a little uphill from the valley bottom. Set in an evocative landscape between the pasture land and the woods, Almazzago includes a few houses comprised in the hamlet named Liberdon. Going towards the river, the last houses of the hamlet are bordering another small hamlet which is also part of Commezzadura, namely Daolasa.

The pre-Latin toponym of Daolasa is reported in written documents dating back to the year 1200 (Aulasa), whereas evidences of the Roman Almazzago, coming from the personal name Dalmatius date back to 1212 (Dalmazago). Almazzago was one of the five estates comprised in the Commezzadura village. Following the 1510 plague, the village inhabitants had a church built and dedicated to Saint Rocco, which was subject to the Sant’Agata parish priest.
During the Napoleon times the village used to belong to the Commezzadura municipality, and then became an independent town under the Austrian empire. In 1928 it became part of Commezzadura again.

The current church was rebuilt after a fire that burst out in 1838. The façade still boasts the old portal dating back to 1620. The inside is aisle-less and boasts marble altars. 
The main altar piece (1865) and other canvasses – namely those located in the lantern – were painted by the painter Leonardo Campochiesa (1823-1906) from Fiera di Primero.
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