Height: 1.459 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 83
City/town: Mezzana   hamlets: Marilleva - Menas - Ortisé - Roncio

Lying on the green ridge of rio Valletta, Ortisé is a typical example of high altitude mountain village rising at 1479 metres above sea level. A poor farming and a traditional cattle breeding are the most relevant activities of the hamlet’s economy, along with the exploitation of woods.


The name of Ortisé comes from the Latin “urticetum”, which means a place where nettles grow. Well known since the Middel Ages, according to the evidences found in several documents, Ortisé has played a major role in history for being the birthplace of the renowned mycologist Giacomo Bresadola. Born at Ortisé in 1847, he took up a clerical career but beside taking care of souls he displayed an extraordinary passion for botany and in particular for mycology. World-famous mycologist, G. Bresadola is recognized all over the world as the father of modern mushroom science. He died in Trent in 1929.


There are evidences of the church dedicated to Saint Christopher as early as in the 15th Century. The interior vault with Gothic style ribs was completed in 1516. Then number of painters working around the Baschensis school decorated the interior walls with frescoed paintings, but only a few fragments are still there. 
The church houses three wooden altars dating back to the 17th and 18th Centuries: the main alter is attributed to Giovan Battista Bezzi. A precious canvass portrays a Sacred Conversation was painted by the Lombard Cipriano Valorsa in the3 second half of the 16th Century. Outside the church has been placed a bust – realized by Davide Rigotti in 1966 – of the famous mycologist Giacomo Bresadola, who was born in Ortisè.

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