Height: 1.517 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 25
City/town: Mezzana   hamlets: Marilleva - Menas - Ortisé - Roncio

At 1517 metres a.s.l., on the sides of the majestic Vegaia peak (2890 m), this is one of the highest hamlets of Val di Sole and of Trentino. A typical Alpine style hamlet with houses and barns, it is located in an extraordinary position exposed to the sun: a Century ago its position struck don Arvedi, who quoted a hamlet “so much exposed to the sun that its peasants are almost brown”.


The village was inhabited in ancient times as is witnessed by its very name, coming from the Etruscan personal name “Mane”. Dedicated to cattle breeding as early as in the Middle Ages, as is witnessed by the tax registers of the Trento Prince Bishop domain, Menas was the birthplace of Dario Toffenetti, an extraordinary entrepreneur who emigrated to Chicago and soon became one of the major keepers of hotels and restaurants in the United States, known as “the king of chips” and intimate friend with the U.S. President J.F. Kennedy.


Along the road going from Ortisè to Menas you will get to the cemetery church dedicated to Saint Rocco, and quoted by some 16th Century documents. The church has a sloping façade and a small bell tower with a vailting cell and a roof made of wood tiles. The wooden statue of the Saint to which the church is dedicate was carved in 1902. 
The major historic and artistic item in the church is the small bell dated 1441 – it is the oldest bell in the Valley – that was spared by the requisitions of WW1. The church, decorated with paintings of the Cucifixion, of the Madonna with Infant Jesus and of Saint Michael, was made by Pietro de Phara.

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