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Val di Sole cycle track
35 kilometers of bicycle path

Val di Sole cycle pathway is 35 km long and runs alongside the “Fiume Noce” river for almost its entire length, following the routes of ancient roads or rural countryside roads.  The pathway covers an elevation difference that starting from 595 meters a.s.l at Mostizzolo reaches an altitude of 1160 meters at the town of Cogolo in Val di Peio.
There are many routes to choose from and it is also possible to take the Dolomiti Express, the electric train, within the area between Mostizzolo – Marilleva 900, in order to integrate various itineraries. Bicycles can be rented in one of the numerous rental shops located throughout the valley.

GPS track, description and maps of the bicycle-pedestrian pathway
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The cycle track is open from Mostizzolo towards the higher valley and down, with viable access roads from each village.


Mostizzolo - Bozzana stretch
The first stretch of the bike path from Mostizzolo to Bozzana; easy route, perfect for all bikers, along a slight downhill slope.


Bozzana - Malè stretch
An easy stretch, however more difficult than the previous one, due to the presence of several uphill sections near the town of Cavizzana.


Malè - Dimaro stretch
This is the easiest stretch of the entire Val di Sole bike path, almost entirely on flat terrain through wide open meadows. Perfect for all bikers, including those who are not so familiar with cycling.


Dimaro - Mezzana stretch
This stretch of the route is not easy to identify as it is fragmented and linked by State and local roads. Easy stretch with short, steep uphill sections.


Mezzana - Ossana stretch
An easy stretch of the route with short, gradual ascents in an open and quiet area; suitable for all bikers.


Ossana - Cogolo stretch
This stretch includes some continuous uphill sections and is recommended for bikers who are already familiar with mountain biking since there are certain descents along the return route that require good control and mastery of a bike. 

The Val di Sole cycling path
  A 35 kilometer cycling path alongside of the Noce river. Fun for families and beginners; challenging and technical for more expert bikers.

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