Height: 1.148 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 129
City/town: Pellizzano   hamlets: Castello - Termenago

Going up the road that branches off the State road and winds up the mountain between Mezzana and Pellizzano, you will first meet Termenago. This is an evocative hamlet with large houses that still predominantly lives on cattle farming.


The Roman toponym coming from the personal name Terminius is reported in documents dating back to the early 13th Century compare (de Tremenago). Along with Castello, Ortisè and Cellentino it used to be comprised in the so-called “sindacato dei monti", within the Parish of Ossana. As early as in the 15th Century there was a chapel that became an independent curacy in 1606, to which reported the 18th Century chapel in Claiano (a bunch of houses and masi – mountain farms – that had been built starting in the early Middle Ages south of the village). In the 16th Century it was the birthplace of the Nicolò Bevilacqua, a famous printer who made a career in Venice and Turin.
The village inhabitants ruled themselves with their own Regola until the early 19th Century, whereas during the Napoleon times it was one of the ten valley municipalities (along with Castello, Menas and Ortisè). During the Austrian empire, Termenago became an independent municipality along with the hamlet named Claiano, and was later merged with Ossana in 1929. In 1953 it became part of Pellizzano.


The two bell towers that rise up in the old village are giving it its distinguishing features: the oldest one, dating back to the 15th Century and boasting mullioned windows and a pyramidal stone pinnacle, belongs to the old church – no longer in use today – dedicated to Saint Nicholas, featuring a ribbed vault in the apse and a Renaissance portal on the façade. 
The second bell tower rises up by the new Parish church that was built in the mid-19th Century and houses some marble altars and an 18th Century Via Crucis by the Dalla Torre. 

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