An aperitif at high altitudine
Glamour at 3000 metres
At 3000 metres above sea level, where you expect to see rocks and Steinbocks. Of course there are some of these too, but now, you can look at the Val di Sole from a different perspective and discover that there is also ‘glamour’ at 3000 metres.

No it’s not a misprint: Glamour.  
Close your eyes and let yourself be cosseted by the pleasurable sensation of freshness which you feel on a sun-drenched summer day, when the breeze at this altitude and the closeness of the perennial snow refresh your skin. Imagine sipping an elegant glass of bubbly and feeling of pleasure  which envelops you, and the knowledge that it is in fact Trentino DOC Ferrari, the toast of the Italians. Imagine the taste of a fruity Rosè, a legendary, well defined Brut or a sweet Demi-sec. Taste the smooth all round flavour, or accompany your palate in the crescendo of a Perlè or choose a Grand Cuveè, with its biblical title.
On the horizon facing you, Adamello, Lobbie, Presanella, and Plan di Neve, the largest glacier in the Italian Alps. A spectacle which has existed for hundreds of years, immobile and severe, even in the face of the battles between Italy and the Austrian-Hungarian empire, which were fought during the Great War.
All around you in an atmosphere of modern design, where glass and steel melt into perfect harmony with the elements and traditions of the mountains.

Welcome to Panorama 3000 Glacier, the sky bar at 3000 metres, on the Presena Glacier in Tonale. The bar is easily reachable by the Presena and Paradiso cable cars.
If you love the idea of glamour and at the same time are attracted by the silence, peace and beauty of the mountains, there are many excursions available amongst which the the exciting and emotional ‘Sentiero dei Fiori’

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