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Height: 1.173 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 1857
Municipio / City Hall / Rathaus: Via Giovanni Casarotti, 31 - Tel. 0463 754059 - Fax 0463 754465
City/town: Peio   hamlets: Celentino e Strombiano - Celledizzo - Cogolo - Comasine - Peio Fonti - Peio Paese
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Also known under the name of “Valletta” (meaning the little valley), Val di Peio is entirely comprised in the municipality of Peio. The valley follows the North-West bound higher Noce course and is set at the foothill of the Ortles-Cevedale range, boasting peaks that are often nearly 4000 metres high. Going up from the valley bottom, you will meet several subsequent villages: Celentino and Strombiano, Comasine, Celledizzo, Cogolo, the valley’s administrative centre, whereas going higher up you’ll get to Peio Fonti and Peio Paese, within the boundaries of the Stelvio National Park. Cattle, sheep and goat breeding is of great importance to the valley’s economy and is linked to the manufacturing of top quality bio cheese. The whole valley looks like a major summer and winter tourist resort and boasts evocative landscapes crossed by easy walkways that are the starting pint for breathtaking high mountain hikes.
The remains discovered on the San Rocco hillock, right above the Peio village, bear witness to the presence of a Gallican-Rhaetian population a few centuries before Christ. The very toponyms in the valley recall the ancient origins of its hamlets. The valley houses number of iron mines, whose exploitation started in ancient times and went on and went on until a few decades ago. The valley’s history has long been linked to Val di Sole and to the Trent’s Princedom, while its economy has traditionally been based on farming and on the exploitation forest resources, that nowadays are supplemented by tourism.

Among the great number of artistic monuments scattered in Val di Peio, the secluded, evocative church of S. Lucia di Comasine, the Parish church of Cogolo, dedicated to Saint Philip and James, 
the Pegaia little church, which is the only remain of an ancient village that no longer exists, the Saint George’s church in Peio Paese, whose bell tower boasts the portrait of a huge 15th Century Saint Christopher over 7 metre tall.

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