Height: 954 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 409
City/town: Ossana   hamlets: Cusiano - Fucine

Located along the main road, today Cusiano has several sports and accommodation facilities. One of the most striking features of this hamlet is the Austro-Hungarian cemetery located just outside of the hamlet. The cemetery was built in 1917 to provide a proper burial place for all of the soldiers who lost their lives on the Tonale battlefront. Today the cemetery has become a "memorial park", a place where everyone can stop to remember and reflect upon the past. 


Archaeological discoveries have confirmed that the area was already inhabited during the Bronze Age. The Roman place name Cusianum or Cusillanum, comes from the personal name Cusius, which can be found in documents as early as 1211. During the 14th century, Cusiano and Ossana were already a single community, while the hamlet called Fucine was added only in the following century. Located right in the centre of Cusiano is a small chapel that dates back to the 14th century, which was later dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. During the Napoleonic era, Cusiano was part of the municipality of Pellizzano, and then during the Austrian Empire, the municipality of Ossana was created which remained unchanged when the area became part of Italy. 


The church in Cusiano dates back to the 15th century. The Gothic style ribbed vault ceiling above the nave was built in 1565. The presbytery area was decorated towards the end of the 1480s by Giovanni and Battista Baschenis which portrays a cycle of stories from the life of Saint Mary Magdalene. The nave is also decorated with other 15th-16th century frescoes. Of considerable interest is the main altar with a golden and painted stone triptych ancon, which was created by Lombard craftsmen during the first half of the 16th century, with paintings and a 19th century statue of the Saint. There are also two important paintings dated 1609 created by an anonymous painter that signed the painting with the initials MR. A small late 15th century chapel is also located by the church, with fragments of several frescoe paintings. 



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