Trentino’s wine factories and distilleries
From malè: km 50
By train: Ferrovia Trento – Malè
An easy trip of some 50 kilometres gives an opportunity to start from the forest-covered Val di Sole through the orchard-growing Val di Nòn, to visit the most dedicated area of Trentino’s vine growing: the so-called Piana Rotaliana and the hills East of Lavìs. The plain no longer resounds with the thunder of battling between Longobards and Franks: in “Europe’s most beautiful vine garden ” you can savour the taste of another kind of fight, though less harsh, more tasty and perfumed: the one that turns vine grapes into prestigious wines, that are amongst the best of Trentino.
The trip around a glass of wine can start in the very “sancta sanctorum” of the area’s wine factories, the one belonging to the Istituto Agrario of St. Michele all’Adige (tel. 0461 615252). In the basement, where the Augustinian friars used to go silently by for over six centuries, today the co-operation between highly skilled vine growers and wine experts allows the production of wines of outstanding properties. Through their competence and skills, they ensure the highest quality of the wine that is bottled. From Teròldego to Nosiòla, from the various types of Chardonnay to Pinot: each crop offers an excellent product.
Seven kilometres to the South, you are off on a visit to another wine sanctuary: the Cantina LaVis (tel. 0461 246325), whose emblem shows a large vine leaf. At the foothill of an evocative hilly area top class vines are growing: Chardonnay, Pinot, Müller Thurgau, Cabernet, Lagrein. These are very well-known vine names throughout Europe, from which delicious D.O.C. wines are made. The wine making tradition is very old: the so-called “Rhaetian vines” were already grown here in ancient Roman times.
Back on our steps, across the river Adige, midway between Mezzocorona and Mezzolombardo, let’s have a visit to the “Cittadella del vino” (tel. 0461 601563), an impressive work of architecture by Cecchetto, who got inspiration by the Tridentine pergola to design a modern building. On a sandy ground, formed by the sediments of the rivers Noce and Adige over the centuries, grows Teròldego – a unique local vine that, according to a 17th Century historian, would make “vini muti che fanno parlare”(mute wines who make people speak), Lagrein, Cabernet, Pinot bianco and Pinot grigio, as well as Schiava. An excellent sparking wine is also produced according to the old traditions, belonging to the family of “Talento - Trento Doc”).
At Mezzocorona, in the Bertagnolli Distillery (tel. 0461 603800) the alembic distils a sparkling Tridentine grappa (eau-de-vie), a vine product that deserves to be put on a same level with the best French cognacs and Anglo-Saxon whiskies.
“The blood of those who do not drink – does not flow lively from their vases to their heart ” quotes the Greek Pseudo Pindaro. But pay attention: “est modus in rebus”, even drinking requires a wise balance!

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