A special walk: from Croviana to Dimaro
Malè – Carciato: km 5,5
Leaving Malé towards Tonale, along a flat road, you’ll reach Croviana (km. 1,5), a village of very ancient origins, that was famous during the Middle Ages as the collecting point for the “decime” (duties) that the local population used to pay to the Prince-Bishop of Trent. The Pèzzen family palace–castle is towering as you enter the village (the owners were little nobles coming from Valtellina, who had moved to Val di Sole during the 15th Century, when the iron mines began to be harnessed). Further up, the small church of St. Giorgio boasts two masterfully carved wooden altars (17the Century); another one is located in the Pèzzen noble chapel, that was built and frescoed during the early decades of the 17th Century.
From Croviana a little lane winds among meadows (km. 1,5) to Monclàssico, an ancient village dating back to the second Iron Age. The village boasts several noble mansions (such as the Valenti’s) and a few late Medieval corners (the so-called “pòrteghi” and Amblài). The village houses are overlooked by the church of St. Vigilio, housing remarkable baroque altars. Continuing a little farther along a quiet road, after 1 km you’ll get to Pressón. The portals decorated with stone coats of arms witness the past of some noble households; the little church, built in 1630, is boasting the main altar-piece, as well as a majestic baroque alter located in a masterfully constructed side chapel.
Going across the river Noce you’ll reach Dimaro (km. 1), that is a passageway to Campiglio and Val Rendena. The Toll House, managed by the de Mazzis noble family, was used to collect custom duties. In the church of St. Lorenzo there are some frescoed paintings dating back to the late 15th Century, a refined work of the Baschènis, as well as some baroque wooden altars. The walk can continue up to Carciàto, a quiet rural hamlet near Dimaro, characterised by large rural houses and a small church of the 16th-18th Centuries.

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