A short walk from Malé
Malè – Samoclevo: km 4,5
Malè – Bolentina: km 5
The presence of the torrent Rabbiés nearby, has fostered in Pondasio since very ancient times, the work of millers and blacksmiths. There are some mill remnants and an old water-driven forge is still operating, where iron is forged and processed according to traditional techniques.
Going up from Pondàsio to the tiny village of Magràs, the church dedicated to Saints Egidio and Marco (late 15th Century) is worth a visit. Notice the lean stone ribs on the walls and the precious altars made of painted, gold-plated wood. Further up from Magràs, Arnàgo is made of a bunch of houses clustering around the 1638 chapel dedicated to St. Romedio (housing a nice statue of the Saint). At the foot of the hamlet is located a convent (convento dei Cappuccini), that was built at the beginning of the 19th Century after the tremendous fire that had burned down the friars’ house in Malé (1892).
Not far from the convent, amidst the orchards, appears Terzolàs. At the centre of the village the imposing mansion of the Malanotti noble family, called “Torraccia” stands out against the other buildings. The building, dating back to the early 16th Century, has typical corner jutties and large rooms with ancient frescoes. The church of Terzolàs (early 19th Century), in late Baroque style, houses several painting by local artists.
Further up from Samoclévo, a small hamlet of Caldés clustering around the church of St. Vigilio, you can see the remnants of the Rocca, ten minutes from the village. Only the damaged outer walls and an imposing square tower are what remains of the old building. The Counts, who replaced the Caldèsio family, held the castle as the stronghold of a desperate resistance during the so-called “guerra rustica” in 1525. And the Prince-Bishop of Trent awarded the households of Samoclévo, who had been faithful, with a rural noble title. The Rocca was built before the 13th Century and it was used to monitor the Valley’s old Imperial road, that ran a little uphill compared to the existing one.
From Malè, along a road going up with large hairpin bends, you will reach the villages of Bolentina and Montés (at 1,200 mt asl approx. dating back to medieval times). Beside enjoying a magnificent landscape, the 16th Century solitary church of St. Valentino is certainly worth a visit.

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