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Height: 982 s.l.m. / m.a.s.l. / m ü.d.M.
Inhabitants: 256
City/town: Ossana   hamlets: Cusiano - Fucine

The hamlet of Fucine has a centuries-long tradition of local craftsmanship which first began in the 15th century during the development of the iron industry. Today, local craftsmanship is still an important economic resource for the entire valley. However, tourism is also important for Fucine and during the past few years top quality accommodation facilities can be found here. One of the two junior high schools in Val di Sole is also located right in Fucine. 


The place name “villa nova Fucinarum” can be found in a document dated 1463. The name comes from the presence of numerous iron forges that were located along the Vermigliana stream which used the iron extracted from the mines in the nearby town of Comasine. The village then became part of the Ossana and Cusiano municipality. Fucine was often struck by landslides and floods, especially during the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1846, the 17th century church dedicated to Saint Carlo was destroyed. The officers of the Prince Bishop of Trento collected taxes in the town from all of Val di Sole, right where the old 1671 toll-house with frescoes and coats of arms can still be seen. Fucine still hosts the ancient Saint Michael’s fair that is held in September. Between 1810 and 1819 it became part of the municipality of Pellizzano, but under Austrian rule it became part of Ossana again. The town is located along the road to Passo Tonale and not very far from the border; therefore it was directly involved in the events of WWI. 


The small church dedicated to Saint Carlo was built in 1903, but on a different site than that of the 17th century church that had been destroyed by the flood. In the presbytery area there is a wooden neo-gothic style altar created by the sculptor Perathoner. On the counter façade there are several 18th century paintings with the Stations of the Cross that come from the old church. 



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