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Inhabitants: 642
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City/town: Croviana   

Croviana’s economy is mainly based on agricultural, artisanal and commercial activities. It is also linked to tourism that began between the 17th and 18th centuries when Croviana was a holiday destination for numerous noble families from Lombardy and Trentino. It has three main hamlets (Liciasa, Croviana and Carbonara). Over the last ten years this town has had a significant development increase with the construction of new homes, sports facilities and accommodation facilities. 



The three areas that together form the municipality of Croviana date back to various eras: Liciasa is Pre-Roman, Croviana is Roman and Carbonara is medieval. It was an important episcopal administrative centre during the 13th century and the collection point for all the taxes from all of Val di Sole. In the centuries that followed, several important noble Trentino families came to live in the area: in the 15th century the Pezzen family built a “palazzo” that is still one of the town’s symbols; in the 16th century the Busetti family and then Cristoforo (1542-1605) who was the first vernacular poet of Trentino to follow in the footsteps of Petrarca; in the 17th century the Lodrons and the Thunns, of the lineage known as that of Croviana. In more recent times, a military airbase was built here during the First World War which was used by the Austro-Hungarian air force. 


One of the most important artistic monuments is definitely the church dedicated to Saint George, which is first mentioned in a document dated 1220, which describes the nomination of a sacristan, Vivenzio. The church has a Gothic architectural style and within the church there is a chapel built by the Pezzen barons in 1611, with frescoe paintings by Paolo and Elia Naurizio portraying the story of Mary. An important altarpiece depicting Madonna and saints dated 1579, which was once located on the main altar, adorns the nave of the church. Croviana is also known for the beauty of its numerous noble houses: in addition to the “palazzo” built by the Pezzen family, you can also admire the home of the Angeli family with its sundial, that of the Taddei and the Sartori families with elegant Gothic and Renaissance style portals and decorated interior halls. 


In addition to the artistic beauty of this small town’s historic centre, Croviana also has a lovely mill that can be found on the banks of the Noce River in an area called “Fosine”. This 18th century mill was restored by the Autonomous Province of Trento in 1993. Today it is home to the MMape museum (the Honey and Beekeeping museum) which is right along the road that takes you to an area called “Plazze”, a popular area especially during the summer season where many local festivals are held and a great place to have a Sunday picnic underneath the many larch and pine trees. 

Honey: an important cultural and economic tradition for the small town of Croviana. During the last few years, the world of agriculture has placed a great deal of attention on the importance of honey bees as pollinators and the precious pollination process that they carry out. Towards the end of July, the 25 beekeepers of Croviana gather the honey that these busy bees have stored away. This thick, sugary, gold coloured liquid represents the purest concentration of the thousands of flowers in Val di Sole and the endless amount of volunteer plants and uncontaminated forests.
Croviana celebrates this time of the year with a special festival dedicated to the nectar of the gods; “MELISSA, the festival of the new honey” that takes place every year on the third weekend of July.
The Val di Sole Beekeepers Association (Associazione Apicoltori delle Valli di Sole, Peio and Rabbi) is also located at the old mill in Croviana   www.apisole.it 


The MMAPE Museum was created by the Municipality of Croviana, the Beekeepers Association and the Edmund Mach Foundation in order to protect, enhance and to give others the opportunity to learn more about the world of bees and beekeeping.
Here, a fascinating multi-sensory experience will give visitors the chance to discover the world of bees, see how honey is extracted, sample different types of honey and then directly purchase all of the products that come right from a beehive, which are all exclusively produced by small local producers.

FOR INFO OR TO BOOK A GUIDED TOUR: 328.3285780 www.mmape.it 



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