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Length: 100 metres. Height from the ground: 60 metres. Place of birth: Val di Rabbi, in Stelvio Park. Job: suspended. View: full marks. 
A few details on an info sheet cannot truly describe all the beauty of this bridge hanging in mid-air over Ragaiolo Waterfall, neither can it convey the emotion you experience when you cross it:  the Ragaiolo River swirling and foaming below you, the force of the waterfall on the one side and the intense green of Val di Rabbi on the other. What you must do is try it for yourself and … want to bet that you will never forget it? 

Segheria Veneziana Rabbi How to reach the Suspension Bridge 

From the spa in Rabbi, take the ‘Percorso dell’acqua’ water trail towards the Venetian style Begoi sawmill, which is definitely worth a visit. Follow the Rabbies River until you come to the ‘al Plan’ campsite and from there walk up to Ragaiolo Waterfall, until you come to the entrance to the suspension bridge. The whole trip takes about forty minutes.


Everyone knows that emotion whets the appetite, so, after having crossed the bridge and enjoyed the view from up there, we suggest a visit to one of the farmhouses nearby to enjoy the real flavour of tradition with a slice of strudel or a plate of polenta with Rabbi cheese or one of many other delicious dishes. 


Malga Fratte

After the suspension bridge, about a quarter of an hour way, initially on a path and then on a rough track. 


Malga Stablasolo

About two hours along the path below Malga Fratte, via Coler or a good three hours' walk after Malga Fratte heading towards Malga Stablaz


Pista Ciclabile

A couple of hours on a rough track from Malga Fratte, along a route that still passes through untamed natural surroundings. Malga Stablaz is also known as Maleda Alta.


If you like this experience, you are probably a nature lover and like active holidays.
So we suggest you also try:

Cycle route

From Cogolo di Pejo to Mostizzolo, 35 kilometres of cycle path along the Noce River, suitable for everyone. If you don't feel like pedalling back, put your bike on the train and take it easy 

Meridiane Monclassico

In Monclassico, the science of the sun clock meets the art of frescoes and the result is an open-air museum, with the houses and squares in this town decorated with colourful modern sundials

Area Faunistica

In Val di Pejo there is a tiny piece of paradise that is home to red and roe deer. Here, these ungulates live in a protected environment where you can admire them close up and learn about their habits and behaviour.


The best sports river in Europe and one of the top ten in the world according to the National Geographic. Could you miss out on rafting down the rapids on the Noce River?

Lago Covel

A walk through the green of Val di Pejo, with its trees and farmhouses, is a tonic for the spirit. The destination? A tiny Alpine lake, quiet and truly beautiful, just like mountain folk.

Molino Ruatti

This is an old watermill used for grinding cereals, at the mouth of Val di Rabbi. With its collection of objects and tools from the past, it tells the story of the local society and economy.



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