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"I'm a ski instructor because I like to share these incredible emotions... I can feel the skis turning under me with ease and when that happens I feel like I'm flying."

I was born and raised in Val di Peio. I don’t feel the need to go on holiday because I have everything I need to feel good right here: nature and the chance to do follow my heart’s desires. I have been passionate about skiing, even before I fell in love with Arabian horses. It is something I have loved since birth and this is why I became, albeit later in life, a ski instructor. I have always lived and worked here. This is why I would like to help you explore the Pejo3000 ski area.

2 excellent reasons for choosing the Pejo3000 ski area

You are in the Stelvio National Park: Enjoy it to the max!

 It isn’t every day you get a chance to ski in a protected zone but the Pejo3000 ski area is inside the Stelvio National Park. What does this mean? It means that you are surrounded by woods, some centuries old, and it is not unusual, especially in the early morning or towards dusk, to meet the odd animal or see their tracks in the snow. 

You can also enjoy the snow off piste, in its most silent version. Exploring a winter wonderland on snow shoes or alpine mountaineering skis, on your own or in a group with expert guides.Check out the routes and get ready to tackle the one best suited to you!

Enjoy the snow off piste, in its most silent version. Explore a winter wonderland with snow shoes, on your own or in a group with expert guides.

After a day out in nature, what could be better than a few hours in a wellbeing centre, pampered by healthy, regenerating spa waters? Pejo spa offers therapeutic treatments and relaxing wellbeing sessions in the wellness centre.

If you love skiing, Val di Sole has plenty of great value packages. Book your holiday with ski pass included in a couple of clicks and pack your bags. We look forward to seeing you!



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