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Have you ever heard the mating call of a deer? It is similar to a lowing but much deeper and more intense. And to think that this grunting, which is what it's called, is only the acoustic component of the courting ritual, the way in which the male tries to gain supremacy of the female harem. Duelling with the others males is also physical, a fascinating unique battle of movement and smells, colours and horns.  In Val di Rabbi and in Val di Peio, in Stelvio National Park, the early autumn air is filled with this grunting, creating a magic in which time seems to stand still against the warm colours of the woods. 

Cervo nel Parco dello Stelvio How to see the mating rituals?

In the company of the Park Guides, who organise half-day or full-day excursions from the end of September to mid-October following the footsteps of the deer. These trips teach you about the behaviour of the deer and also of other animals, which are often spotted in the park, in their natural habitat. The mating period lasts just 3 weeks but the park organises themed excursions throughout the year to educate visitors about the beauty of nature, because only by appreciating it can we defend it. 


If you like this kind of experience, you love the more untamed aspects of the mountain and look for contact with nature. So we suggest you also try: 


Walking in the mountains, through the woods, and around lakes to reach the highest refuges. In Val di Sole, you can count on a variety of routes from lower altitudes right up to 3,700 metres. 

Albe in malga

Getting up early, helping out in the farmhouse, tasting milk straight from the cow, making butter and cheese and enjoying a good “zero food miles" breakfast.  When will you get the chance again? 

Area Faunistica

In Val di Pejo there is a tiny piece of paradise that is home to red and roe deer. Here, these ungulates live in a protected environment where you can admire them close up and learn about their habits and behaviour.

Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

Enjoy the untamed nature of Stelvio Nationa Park. You can explore it with the Park Guides, who will tell you all about its history, scenery, fauna and flora.

Rifugio Vioz

If the dawn of a new day gets you all emotional,  imagine how you might feel at seeing it at 3500 metres asl, up there with the permanent snow and a whole range of colours.


Mulino Museo dell’Ape is a bee museum in a watermill that teaches you all about the fascinating world of bees thanks to an interactive, sensorial visit, making you realise just how important this insect is for our ecosystem.



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