Alpe Pozze
Signposted and well-groomed wintry trails
Location:   ORTISÈ
Access:   church square parking
Starting altitude:   1.477 m
Maximum altitude:   2.084 m
Duration:   4 h
Walk length:   8 km
Difficulty:   moderate
Walk characteristics:   sunny and panoramic itinerary in contact with natur
view of the Brenta Dolomites, Val di Sole and the Presanella
characteristic mountain hamlets


Ortisé (1.477 m) - Malga Stabli (1.814 m) - Malga Bronzolo (2.084 m) - Menás (1.517 m)

This loop itinerary starts in the town of Ortisé (1.477 m). From the parking area next to the small church, follow the road that goes up just above the town going towards Alpe Pozze. After the town of Ortisé, go up on the right side of a characteristic mountain shelter located on the right side of the first bend in the road. The route then takes you into the wood, steeply going up alongside a stream in the top section, then turn left on the forest road that goes through a thick fir forest. A bit higher up, the wood opens up giving you a view of the upper part of Val di Sole and the snow-clad peaks of the Presanella. Here, next to the road, you’ll go past several lovely mountain cabins that have recently been renovated and that are located close to the Malga Stabli alpine dairy (1.911 m). The itinerary then continues towards Malga Bronzolo: after passing Val del Molinac, you'll enter into a fir and larch wood, then after a short and winding yet panoramic section, you'll reach the open pastures next to the alpine dairy. The view from here is worth a short break at Malga Bronzolo (2.084 m).
From here, follow the forest road and go past the pastures, then go back into the wood and take the narrow path on the left that gradually goes down through the thick fir forest. When you reach Val Molinac, just before the town of Ortisé, you'll once again reachthe trail that you followed on your way up. You'll then quickly reach the starting point.



Be careful about the likely presence of ice. The Malga Stabli alpine dairy (1.911 m) is also a restaurant open during the winter season for lunch and dinner (reservations are recommended at the following mob. 346.6933370.


Trail for excursion "Alpe Pozze"

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