Experience outdoor adventure in Val di Sole: Rafting, Trekking, MTB and Cycling Path, Hiking, Canyoning, Hydrospeed, Adventure Parks, Paragliding, Freeclimbing, Ropes Course.More ...
Experience slow living in Val di Sole: genuine flavors, parks & nature, cycling path, walks & hikes, art, culture & traditions.More information
Val di Sole, paradise on two wheels: MTB Routes, Downhill MTB, Cycling Path, UCI MTB World Cup Finals.More information
In Val di Sole your vacation will be a total immersion in nature, in the valley's history and in the authentic flavours of its mountain agriculture. More information
The best part of your vacation is all in one card! TRENTINOGUESTCARD - VAL DI SOLE OPPORTUNITYDiscover all of the great opportunities! Access to more than 10 cable lifts, chairlifts and gondola liftsAdmission to ...
We will accompany you for a brief glimpse into the world of male deer. Strong, powerful and courageous bellows, spectacular and fascinating mating rituals: this is how a deer shows its supremacy in order to conquer female deer. Video by Alfredo ...
If you love the great outdoors, then Val di Sole is the perfect place to be, where you can enjoy fantastic landscapes on your own or with professional, expert guides as you take a dive into nature: rafting, mountain biking, canyoning, trekking, ...
Discover all the tracks of Val di Sole’s ski areas... We’re waiting for you in Val di Sole’s ski areas: Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta, Val di Sole - Val Rendena, Adamello Ski Pontedilegno - Passo Tonale, Pejo 3000!
A cable lift with two cable cars, each with a carrying capacity of 100 people, that from the Tarlenta area (at an elevation of 2.000 meters) reaches the ruins of what was once the "Mantova" mountain hut located at 3.000 meters.
From the train to the ski slopes in just 12 minutes... from the center of Val di Sole directly to the heart of the skiing area Folgarida-Marilleva-Madonna di Campiglio!
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