Need a break?
Then follow our advice: just one day surrounded by nature and you’ll feel brand new!  


We follow the road from Dimaro towards Madonna di Campiglio, then, after the town of Folgarida, we park our vehicle at the turnoff with directions to Malga Folgarida di Dimaro (mountain dairy). We’re right underneath the Brenta Dolomites

From this point onwards, we leave all the stress of daily life behind us ... and we clear our minds of all thoughts, we strap on our snowshoes, and start off on this relaxing walk while we enjoy some time for ourselves: we all need a break once in a while and snowshoeing is a perfect sport, you won’t be sorry!
It’s early in the morning, and it’s just us with our snowshoes in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park surrounded by pristine natural surroundings: just us and the snow (well a few friendly squirrels).

But in order to fully appreciate this adventure on the snow, we have to literally work up a bit of a sweat ...there’s a 4 km climb, but the breathtaking landscape is definitely worth it. Just us, our snowshoes and the Brenta Dolomites, always by our side along the entire itinerary, each stride an exciting and unique experience. 

These surroundings are always able to give us an incredible sense of inner peace.  This amazing feeling and the magnificent views make reaching the top well worth the effort...the spectacular Brenta Dolomites and the Cima Nana and Sasso Rosso peaks right in front of us are something we’ll never forget.

So, anything missing? No, all we need to do now is enjoy this paradise of peace in Val di Sole. 

In the Stelvio National Park...with a suprise ending

Starting in the late afternoon and for the rest of the evening, we decide to discover Val di Rabbi.
We enter into this striking and characteristic side valley of Val di Sole and leave our vehicle in an area called Coler, which is located after the hamlet of Piazzola.

So how do you think we reached our destination? Well…you can choose between strapping on a pair of backcountry skis or snowshoes; whatever you choose, you’ll definitely be rewarded for your effort when you reach the destination point…you can count on that.  

We turn our head torches on and off we go as we continue alongside the frozen Rabbies stream, located on our right, which accompanies us along the entire itinerary through the magnificent natural surroundings of the Stelvio National Park.

After a short walk, we reach Malga Stablasolo (mountain dairy), where at a height of 1539 masl, we have the chance to try some of the best Trentino dishes in a lovely mountain style dining area. 

And after dinner, the owners of the mountain dairy are ready to amaze us.

An adrenaline filled ride down on a sled! But we need to choose someone to lead the group? No worries…there’s a full moon...the best guide we could hope for!  


We hope you enjoyed reading the description of our experience on this itinerary!

Do you have your own experience that you’d like to share with us?! Write to us at!


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