Detox vacation in the Stelvio National Park
Tap into nature’s energy
Have you already been to Val di Rabbi?
Natural surroundings, right within the Stelvio National Park that have remained practically untouched, where you can experience nature in each and every corner. In this pure, natural setting, rest and relaxation are a guarantee, not only in the great outdoors, but also at the Rabbi Thermal Spa Center, a historical landmark.  
Tree Hugging

The thermal spa center also provides a wide range of activities to choose from, not only thermal treatments but outdoor activities as well: of course, being surrounded by such fantastic natural surroundings makes it quite difficult to avoid enjoying and appreciating all that nature has to offer as you completely unwind and relax. And if you feel the need to truly get “in touch with nature”, why not hug one of the many conifer trees in the valley and become one with your tree and nature? In fact, the thermal spa center organizes “Tree Hugging”. That’s right, because tree hugging is an important part of “silvoterapia” (tree therapy) and it is one of the main treatments used to treat bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia.

You can complete your detox vacation by also trying yoga and breathing exercises together with the qualified instructors at the thermal spa center. Just imagine trying gentle yoga sequences on top of a massive rock right in the middle of a mountain, barefoot on fresh grass or under the shade of a century-old larch tree. This is definitely a great way to detox both your body and mind!  


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