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The Noce River
Naturally fresh, pure water

A predominant element in Val di Sole is the abundance of water that cascades down through the entire valley. The Noce River, which crosses through the valley, is a paradise for white water sports and a bubbly destination for all of the small streams that flow down from the side valleys. There are almost 100 mountain lakes here, one third of all of the lakes in Trentino. The majority of these lakes, surrounded by pastures and snowcapped mountains, were formed by glaciers and even though they are quite small, they are still a fascinating sight to see. In fact, the presence of perpetual snow is an essential natural resource, for life in general, and for the sustainability of these spectacular surroundings. An easy walk or a pleasant hike will take you right up to these lovely lakes.

Fiume Noce Val di Sole Trentino Water: our most precious resource




The Noce River is famous worldwide and listed by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC as one of the world's top 10 places for river sports, the only one in Europe! It is definitely one of the most interesting natural areas at an international level for river sports: The difficulty of the river, the length of the navigable part of the river and the pleasant scenery that surrounds it, are all particularly striking and well known.

It rises near the CORNO DEI TRE SIGNORI (3.360 m), in the Ortles-Cevedale mountain group and after a few kilometres it forms an artificial lake called Pian Palú. It then continues onwards through the entire valley, as other streams flow into it such as the NOCE BIANCO, the VERMIGLIANA and the RABBIES. It continues to alternate amongst rapids and decreasing currents, the noise of the waves as they break amongst the rocks and the soft murmuring of the water that in the calmer areas almost seems to caress you.

Various activities are in fact tied to the Noce River: rafting, fishing and the bicycle path that runs alongside the river almost its entire length. Find out more...

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