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Snowshoeing and winter walks
Discover enchanting landscapes

An outing on snowshoes is truly a unique experience, that brings those that participate in this adventure back to the past when snowshoes were the only way for people that lived in the mountains to move about during the winter, especially when there was a heavy snowfall.
Sliding along with snowshoes on an immaculate blanket of snow, enjoying the silence of the forest, discovering the many trails left behind by animals as they move about searching for food, will allow you to experience the mountain in a different manner than how a skier feels as he rushes down a slope. Why not give it a try?
In Val di Sole numerous outings are organized by both the Alpine Guides and the guides of the Stelvio National Park and it is thanks to them that you will be able to discover the best kept secrets of nature. These types of outings do not require any particular technical preparation and the equipment is supplied by the organizer, or it can be rented in various shops throughout the valley.


In Val di Sole you can try one of the 21 routes that have been groomed and marked with directional signs and ribbons. We recommend that you pass by our information offices to discover which itineraries are located close to your accommodation facility and those that are best suited for your technical and physical abilities. Before starting off on any itinerary, we also recommend that you check the weather forecast. You can try these routes on foot, or better yet, with snowshoes.


If you prefer to be accompanied by an expert guide that will help you discover the most hidden corners of the natural surroundings around you, then you can choose among the many snowshoe outings that are organized by:

Alpine Guides Val di Sole - Italian School of Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering
Tel. (+39) 0463 903160 - Mobile (+39) 347 7457328

Stelvio National Park
Office in Rabbi Tel. (+39) 0463 909774 - Office in Peio Tel. (+39) 0463 909773

Trentino Wild
Mobile (+39) 329 2743226 - Tel. (+39) 0463 901263

Dimaro Folgarida Vacanze Tourist Association
Tel. (+39) 0463 986113 - 0463 986608

Cross country skiing "Scuola Sci Fondo Tre Laghetti"
Tel. (+39) 0463 758200 - Mobile (+39) 348 7602758


Recommended map: 4LAND 126 Val di Sole, range 1:25.000

Recommended equipment: snow rackets with anti-ice crampons, poles, comfortable and warm wintery clothing, gloves, hat, hiking boots, glasses and sun-block cream. Backpack with a small food reserve, thermos with hot drinks, small first-aid kit and a thermal blanket, Artva, shovel and probe.

Even though snow rackets are safe and reliable, it is necessary to be alert about the ever-present danger of avalanches in the mountains. It is essential to choose a route according to one's abilities, the type  of slope, the exposure and the conditions of the snow and of the weather. It is best to be informed about the current conditions by consulting an avalanche bulletin and the weather forecast. With snow rackets it is advisable, at least for beginners, to choose routes through wooded areas and on gentle slopes to keep the risk of snow slides to a minimum. Avalanche risk evaluation requires great experience; only trust experienced guides.

Animals off piste... those who respect protect
 •  Only walk along the signalled paths, which the animals learn to recognise
 •  Do not enter the winter refuge areas for the animals and respect the ban
 •  Do not follow animal tracks in the snow
 •  Never follow wild animals, especially when there is high snow coverage
 •  Keep your dog on the lead
 •  Be the first to be a good example

Snowshoe excursions
Experience the mountains during the winter with snowshoes, an unforgettable feeling

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