On the snow... carried by the wind!

It's winter. We are surrounded by peace and quiet. It's cold, but not too bad. We close our eyes and let ourselves be carried by the wind, down the soft white slopes, at an altitude of almost 2000 metres.

Are we dreaming? No.

We are simply enjoying a unique experience, an absolute must-try, in the PONTEDILEGNO - TONALE ski area.




Snowkite Pontedilegno Tonale SnowKite: flying
on the snow! 


If you are tired with classic winter sports, if alpine skiing and snowboarding no longer thrill you, don't miss this opportunity: try SNOWKITING, with help from the Tonale Snowkite School instructors as you learn the ropes!

What are the REQUISITES?

  • The desire to be carried by the wind (you need to be on good terms with the god in question, Aeolus!)
  • The desire to give it your all in the fresh snow (with the odd tumble par for the course)
  • Extreme curiosity and a desire to try an adrenaline-packed experience in close contact with nature (not too close though!)

And that's all you need, apart from a dream of... flying over the snowy white slopes of Passo Tonale!




On offer are COURSES for beginners, for those who have already tried this sport and want to perfect their technique and also one-day Backcountry exploratory trips for the more expert, uphill and fast downhill trails where the force of the wind is your irreplaceable, indispensable ally on exciting adventures!


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