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A summer full of emotions

Val di Sole can truly be described as a green oasis right in the heart of Trentino. Its breathtaking landscapes make it the perfect place to start off on an unforgettable adventure with friends and family. Hiking, trekking, peaks over 3000 m high, including stunning mountain groups like the Adamello-Presanella, Ortles-Cevedale and Brenta Dolomites; fantastic cycling and MTB itineraries and thrilling downhill descents plus exciting rafting outings on the Noce River...
But this peaceful oasis offers plenty more to do than just extreme sports! There are a ton of other great outdoor activities that you should definitely try. Take a break and enjoy these relaxing activities.




A swimming pool that respects the environment

New in Val di Sole but also in the entire Trentino region, a bio-lake that combines the fun and enjoyment of swimming with the protection of the environment. It's a natural and eco-friendly swimming pool where various aquatic plants are used to purify the water in the pool instead of using chlorine.




A Botanical Garden of Experiences

A natural oasis right in the Adamello Presanella forests. This former nursery garden has been transformed into an interactive garden, where you can discover all of the secrets of an alpine forest. Interactive games and information panels will make this both a fun and educational experience... take your time and smell the flowers, taste the aromatic herbs, try the water from the mountain spring, listen to the sounds of the forest. A great place for families to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature all together.  




European protected area

A small paradise that extends across 28 hectares of land on the orographic right bank of the Noce River in Croviana. A few years ago, this alder forest became part of the «Natura 2000» project, a network of nature protected areas in the European Union that have been selected in order to preserve their biological diversity including the animals and plant life within these habitats.


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