Fees, rules and useful advice

Autumn in Val di Sole is season with a thousand colors and facets, which allows you to gratify all your senses: the chromatic nuances of the woods, the scent of mushrooms, the rustle of leaves, apples just gathered. And yet the many fascinating events, with tastings, music and farmers markets, during the traditional return of beasts from summer pasture in the mountains. 
Mushrooms are present in abundance in the woods and in many localdishes.


To mushrooming you have to pay a fee, as follows:

Euro 10,00 for 1 day
Euro 18,00 for 3 days
Euro 24,00 for 1 week
Euro 40,00 for 2 weeks
Euro 60,00 for 1 month

The fee mushrooming can be paid online on or at the tourist offices in the valley.

  • Equipment
    Wear clothes suitable to the environment by attending: covers well the lower limbs and keep at hand a waterproof light. Carry  with you a  hard and holed basket to put picked mushrooms  in. Avoid waterproof basket. Keep a knife, used to clean, not to pisck or cut mushrooms on the ground.
  • Mushrooming
    Pick whole mushrooms, without pulling them up or cutting at the base of the stalk. Act gently to leave as much as possible intact all the morphological characters of the mushroom,  needed to determine its species.
    The mushrooms poisonous and those that are not picked up must be respected, not to be trampled or destroyed. They can serve to experts for study or at least continue to play their role as biological balance of the forest.
  • Poisoning prevention and first aid
    Avoid eating mushrooms not known and whose edibility has not been established.
    In case of complaints after a short incubation (up to 3 hours after the meal): cause with some half vomiting patient, call the doctor and a mycologist.
    In case of complaints after a long incubation (8 to 48 hours and more after the meal): go to a doctor, specifying the time of the meal and call a mycology to determine the poisoning agent.
    Never let drink alcohol to a poisonous.


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