Laghi del Malghetto

Elevation amsl: 2023
Location: Mezzana

Catchment basin: Noce - Rio Val di Lores
Mountain chain: Adamello - Presanella
Subgroup: Presanella
Hiking time: 1.20 hour
Difficulty: E - excursion
Elevation gain: 623 m
SAT trail n°: 202
Shelter: Malghetto di Mezzana/Copai (1986 m)


This itinerary starts in Marilleva 1400. Once you reach this location, follow the directions to the Artuic residence and you will pass under a bridge which is used as a ski slope, then go up to the parking area near the residence where you can park your vehicle. Take the forestry road that climbs up into a dense fir forest in a south west direction. In a short time you will reach a bridge over a stream, (where you will encounter the old road coming from the town of Mezzana), go past the bridge on your right and continue on the unpaved road.  Do not follow any of the directions that you encounter but continue to steadily climb upwards. The itinerary crosses through several clearings until it reaches the detour that goes to Lago dei Caprioli - Fazzon (lake). Do not follow this trail and continue on the 202 trail marker and after a rather steep slope continue onwards on a seemingly flat trail that then begins to rise just before a small stream that you must cross over (0.30 min). The unpaved road becomes a mule track and goes south entering into the valley and then goes along a cobbled path in the larch forest. You will therefore reach a meadowy hollow, where you will find rhododendrons, larches and several pine trees, and the Malghetto Copai (mountain dairy) (1986 m. 1.15 hour). The mountain dairy is open and can therefore be used as a bivouac. In a short time you will then reach the first of the two lakes of the Malghetto di Mezzana, located at 2001 m., which is known for having numerous submerged plants and pebbly shores. In order to reach the next lake continue onwards on a mule track to the right and, after leaving behind the detour to the Croce della Pace (Peace Cross), a slight slope through a spectacular larch wood will lead you to the second lake (2023 m. 1.30 hour). Both are glacial lakes with morainic barrage. The surroundings here are truly striking. The peat bog and the larch and pine trees surround the  Artuic and Gardene peaks. If you walk along the eastern side of the lake, you can catch a glimpse of the Vioz and Cevedale mountains in the distance.
Return by following the same itinerary back down. 1.00 hour.

PS: It is also possible to climb up to the Cima Gardenè (peak), where the Peace Cross is located (2520 m..) Just above the first lake, climb up through the pine and larch forest until you encounter a steep, grassy slope along the mountainside and therefore climb along the rocky crest which is partially equipped. You will then reach the peak which has an incredible view of the entire Val di Sole and the Cevedale and Brenta mountain ranges. However, this itinerary is recommended only for expert climbers and requires 1.20 hour from the first lake.

Photos and itinerary descriptions: Tiziano Mochen

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