I Tre Laghi
Campo Carlo Magno

Location: Campo Carlo Magno
LAGO SCURO (Malghette) – Elevation amsl: 2160
LAGO INFERIORE - Elevation amsl: 2256
LAGO MEDIO - Elevation amsl: 2271
LAGO SUPERIORE - Elevation amsl: 2283
LAGO ALTO (Artuich) - Elevation amsl: 2166
Catchment basin: Noce – Meledrio
Mountain chain: Adamello Presanella
Subgroup: Presanella
Hiking time: 3 hours
Difficulty:  E- excursion, even if quite tiring
Elevation gain: 392 m
SAT trail n°: n. 267 in the final part - 201 return to Campo Carlo Magno


This breathtaking itinerary takes you on a loop where you can admire 5 splendid alpine lakes. This is a rather difficult itinerary but the magnificent natural surroundings and the amazing views are definitely worth the hike. After leaving the Lago delle Malghette (lake), go towards its influent which is located just after the Malga di Piano (mountain dairy), then go downwards and after having passed a small wooden bridge, go upwards to the west following an easy trail that takes you through beautiful rhododendrons and larches. In a short time you will pass a rocky wall characterized by the presence of sparse larch and pine trees, therefore reaching a small wooden mountain shelter (Serodoli) located at approx. 2058 m. Pass the mountain shelter and you will then quickly reach the beautiful Lago Scuro (lake). The dark green color of this small lake is due to the presence of aquatic vegetation on the western side of the lake are its two main characteristics. (1.00 hour). Beyond the lake, follow the trail that begins on the orographic left side of the lake. Climb up through a stony pasture and then continue on a rather steep slope, you will then reach a hollow with roche moutonnées (sheepback) and therefore the first lake that is part of the Tre Laghi.  By following the n°267 itinerary it is possible to reach the Passo dei Tre Laghi from which you can follow the n° 226 trail which takes you to Lago Serodoli (lake) in approx. 1 hour. If you walk along the shore of the first lake you will reach the other two lakes, the middle and the top lake. The top lake is known for its crystal clear water and for its tiny rocky islands. The middle lake, which is also the smallest of the three lakes, is gradually becoming covered in peat. These three lakes were formed by glacial exaration and the surrounding areas are mainly tonalite rock. (1.20 hour). Follow the trail in a northeast direction: after climbing up a ridge, from which you will have a view of the Lago delle Malghette underneath you, continue onwards through small juniper shrubs and sparse rhododendrons until you reach a rocky depression where you will find the beautiful Lago Alto (lake). This last lake is set apart from the other three lakes but it is by no means less fascinating. The shores of this lake consist mainly of debris. Then begin to descend down through a beautiful larch and pine wood on a steep but easy trail that runs along the ridge of Passo dell’Ometto. You will reach a wooded glade where you will find the directions for the SAT 201 trail marker for Bassetta del Vigo - Malga Panciana (mountain dairy) - Marilleva.  From here, by following the n° 201 trail, in approx. 10 minutes you will once again reach the mountain hut at the Lago delle Malghette (lake). (Tot. 3.00 hours) 

Photos and itinerary descriptions: Tiziano Mochen

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