New for winter 2017/2018 in Pejo3000

This season, the Pejo3000 ski area isn’t just about skiing all the way up to 3000 meters and fantastic views. The 2017/2018 winter season will have a brand new feature, the FUNSLOPE! A new and fun attraction for all those who enjoy  freestyle ski and snowboarding. 
It’s never too late to be a kid again and to have fun on the snow on curves, jumps and trampolines. Funslope, which is a mix of a classic slope and a terrain park, is a 450 meter playground on the snow for riders. It’s located along the Beverina slope and can be easily reached by taking the Saroden four-person chairlift.
 A special area, the FAMILY FUN family park, has also been designed to give kids the chance to try some acrobatic feats on the snow in a 250 m park located right beside the FunSlope. 

These are the features of the FunSlope, where you can put your skills to the test and of course have loads of fun: 
  • Rainbow butter box - 3 meters
  • Banana butter box – 3 meters
  • Softbow butter box – 3 meters
  • Jib dome - 2 meter diameter
  • Pianobooster
  • Sound Slopy

Not quite an expert yet? If these terms don’t really mean much..don’t worry…by the end of the winter season you’ll be a pro. Have a look at the video for a sneak preview of what’s waiting for you this winter at the Funslope and the Family Fun in Pejo 3000, the ski area in the Stelvio National Park. 

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