Dolomiti Brenta Bike
On the tracks of the bear!

Based around the breathtaking Brenta Dolomites, in the heart of Western Trentino, the Dolomiti Brenta Bike tour winds through the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, taking in some of the most beautiful natural and cultural gems the region has to offer. Discover 6 stunning Trentino valleys on a double loop that you can cycle in stages and at your own pace, stopping wherever you like and simply indulging your own desire to experience the mountains.
171 thrilling kilometers, taking you through blossoming pasture land, cool rivers and streams and rocky landscapes, following in the trail of the brown bears that have returned to inhabit this area.

The are two separate tours, designed to meet the needs of different categories of mountain bike enthusiast.

Expert tour


The expert itinerary is the itinerary for the demanding biker: dirt track, single track, challenging climbs, high altitude (up to 2300m) and breathtaking downhill: 171 Km of pure MTB with a total elevation gain of 7,700 meters. In addition to this there are more routes to select for those who want to experience true emotions!

Country tour


The family route is suitable for both bike enthusiasts and families: cycle paths, safe dirt tracks, modest elevation gains (nevertheless always in the mountains, up to an altitude of 1800m) open space, lush green valleys, rural villages: 136 Km of pure MTB and a total elevation gain of 4,600 m.


Dolomiti Brenta BikeAre you an extreme rider? Add a Dolomiti di Brenta Bike Explorer tour to your holiday!
Choose between your Explorer Bike Tours, and explore the unique territory of the Brenta Dolomites, from the valley floor to the foot of the glaciers, between meadows and fields, farms and ravines!

A wide range of integrated mobility services are available (bike-taxi, bike-shuttle, bike-bus, bike-train) that will allow you to better organise your trip, and help you to overcome the hardest stretches, transport your bags or simply guarantee a quick and trustworthy service at your disposal for any eventuality.

The Brenta Dolomites Bikers offers you the baggage transport and transfer service provided daily for the whole summer at € 15,00 a head per day. Don't miss this opportunity!

The service:

  • the service is programmed to operate from 19th June until 18th September 2016
  • the service can only be booked through DBB accommodation
  • the service is garanted only for booking made the day before the transfer till 6.00 p.m;
    Baggage will be collected before 10.00 hours on the transfer day and delivery is guaranteed within 15.00 hours
  • the charge per stage for users is fixed at € 15,00 payable on booking at the relative accommodation
  • the charge is for one bag per person
  • individual labels will also be provided to be filled in with the customer’s name, surname, departure point, and arrival point, to be attached to the bag
  • your accommodation will not need to book or issue anything if you booked through the Travel Agency, because customers will already have received a voucher from the Agency

On the website you can find everything you need or write to

Partner accommodation

Specialized hotels, rural guests houses, B&Bs, apartments and alpine refuges where you will always find:

  • a covered, locked storage areas for bikes
  • a bike washing area
  • a well-equipped bike repairs space
  • the chance to wash and dry technical clothing
  • online checking of availability
  • a bike corner with info on Dolomiti di Brenta Bike
  • deals with a specialized bike/repair shop

Enter, choose your MTB holiday and book!
Hotel reservation, baggage transport, delivery of maps when you start the tour: we provide all!

For this offer you can find accomodation in the following facilities


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