Dog sledding
Adventure and freedom with amazing Husky dogs


It literally means  “a sled pulled by a pack of dogs” and before the invention of the snowmobile, it was the only means for people living in Nordic countries to reach other far off villages,  allowing them to travel great distances on frozen land.
Today, dog sledding is mainly done as a sport, it became popular in Italy only towards the end of the 80’s, thanks to the success that was reached by such people as Armen Khatchikian (founder of the Scuola Italiana Sleddog Progress in Passo Tonale) and Dodo Perri and his purebred dogs (Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds and Greenlander dogs). The most famous dog sled races are the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest,  that are held in Alaska, while in Europe the most famous is without a doubt the Alpen Trail, but events like these take place on trails of various lengths throughout the alpine arch.

The person that steers the sled is called a musher and the team that pulls the sled has a minimum of eight to a maximum of twenty dogs, each dog has a specific role.  At the head of the pack is the leader that guides all the other dogs and behind him is the “swing dog” whose job is to guide the other dogs according to the leader. The dogs that do the majority of the work are the team dogs and the biggest dogs are called “wheel dogs”(they help guide the sled around tight curves).
During races, mushers and their teams are divided into diverse categories based on the number of dogs and their breed.

Dog sledding is not only a competitive sport but it also represents a unique way to experience the snow in perfect harmony with Husky dogs that are know for being faithful and strong animals.




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Dog sledding
  Experience the feeling of driving a sled pulled by Husky dogs

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