Adamello Brenta Park Quality
A vacation in nature and environmental protection

The Qualità Parco Club has hotel members who have chosen to run their businesses in harmony with nature. Situated in an area of Trentino of considerable importance and exceptional beauty, these hotels received the Qualità Parco certification after careful assessment by an international certification body (Det Norske Veritas).

In every hotel you will find:

  • a particular sensitivity to environmental sustainability, careful and economical use of ecological detergents, energy saving systems, lower emissions of polluting gases, limited waste, differentiated refuse collection, etc.;
  • friendliness: every hotel is ready to welcome you and point you in the right direction to discover the park and culture of Trentino, not to mention the enticing regional dishes and the delicious locally grown produce;
  • the Park Card, an electronic card giving visitors access to a vast range of offers to enjoy the countryside and discover the local culture and food, with around 50 free, unlimited (with the exception of the museums) services: car parks, entertainments, excursions, shuttle bus tickets, admissions to the Park Centres, museums and castles, tastings of local products... and much more;
  • a Park Ranger on hand at the start of the week to organise a tailor-made holiday in nature for guests and to provide information on the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park and the events taking place during the holiday period.
For this offer you can find accomodation in the following facilities


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