Rafting and whitewater sports
Val di Sole, the best rafting destination in Europe

An extreme form of sport, or something extremely fun-filled for young and old, alike? The answer is simple: Rafting is an exciting whitewater ride on board of an inflatable raft designed especially for this type of sport. Rafting is one of the most popular sports enjoyed in the Val di Sole, and can honestly be called one of the most entertaining and enjoyable sport activity available here - provided that all safety precautions are strictly observed. Rafting is a sport for everyone, requiring no preparatory classes or special abilities. You can start right away by boarding a raft waiting for you on the shores of the torrential Noce - after all of the necessary safety measures have already been taken, of course.

If possible, several rafts travel together, with a short distance between them. The crew must follow the precise orders of the "captain" to shift their weight as needed. During this exciting and thrilling ride, the captain leads the crew down this magnificent riverine landscape of the Val di Sole. Trips can be booked both for groups and individual travelers who can form a crew together with other participants.

TALKING OF THE NOCE RIVER, did you know that...

The Noce River has received a great deal of recognition over the past few years, making it a definite must for all those who enjoy river sports:
- “National Geographichas created a ranking of the top 10 rivers for Whitewater rafting in the world and the Noce River, the only European river in this ranking, has been classified ninth at an international level. 
- “Lonely Planet” has declared that the Noce River is among the top rafting rivers in the world. This ranking confirms that it is the best river for whitewater rafting in Europe.
- the following portal “Kayaking Holidays” which focuses on the world of canoeing, has ranked this river among the top ten in the world (the only European river in this ranking) for kayaking. 

Andi van Zyl (Nautical Channel) is in the Sole Valley to discover more about the Countries Rivers and Valleys in the most adventurous of way. August 2015


The following is a technical description of each section of the river that provides specific information for all those interested in whitewater sports or for experts. Here you will find a description of each section starting from the hamlet called Cusiano, all the way to the artificial basin of the S. Giustina lake.


Download the informative guide "Pista Ciclopedonale - Fiume Noce"
(italian version only)


Hydrospeed is a sport that allows you to enjoy the river in its entirety. You are completely immersed in water follows the current, with the sole help of a support, hydrospeed,  that allows you to stay afloat and fins, which help to better meet the current. Of course centres, in addition to this equipment, also provide the protective helmet and reinforced wetsuit.

Canoe / Kayak
Canoe / Kayak courses offer different levels of difficulty. Individual lessons as well as group courses are available as well as exciting river trips in double kayaks and special courses for advanced participants.

Rafting Centres
All centres, in addition to rafting, offer a variety of activities:
hydrospeed, canyoning, canoeing, nordic walking, downhill, mountain biking, paragliding...


Dimaro - Via Gole 108
Tel. +39 0463 973278 - Mobile +39 340 2175873 
www.raftingcenter.it - info@raftingcenter.it


Cusiano di Ossana - at the Sports Centre - Via di Sotto Pila 6
Tel. +39 334 8468540
Skype: eurorafting.trentino
www.eurorafting.com - info@eurorafting.com


Mezzana - at the Sports Centre - Via del Pressenach 1
Tel. +39 0463 902990 - Fax +39 0463 902990 - Mobile +39 347 7448137 
www.raftingvaldisole.it - info@raftingvaldisole.it


Caldes - Location Le Contre 
Tel. +39 0463 901263 - Mobile +39 329 2743226
www.trentinowild.it - info@trentinowild.it

Rafting, hydrospeed, canoeing, kayaking on the Noce river
  Thrilling emotions on the Noce river, in Val di Sole

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