Rabbi Thermal Spa
Natural Elixir

The mineral water in Rabbi is well known in all of Europe since ancient times for its therapeutic effects. The high concentration of carbon dioxide in the water allows numerous natural elements to remain soluble. The gaseous content aids the digestion process, while carbon dioxide bath therapy is used to treat rheumatic diseases or circulatory problems. Experimental studies have shown that this mineral water provides significant benefits for treating varicose veins in the legs and ankles, microcirculatory dysfunctions and cellulite, in addition to muscle-building while athletes are in training. The ferruginous content of this water makes it the perfect beverage for treating anemia and lymphatism. Plus, the presence of bicarbonates makes it possible to treat affections of the upper respiratory tract.

The Spa has a modern reinvigorating pool bath, a special area just for Kneipp therapy, herbal wraps and mud packs plus a sauna and Turkish bath.

The Centre now also has a new line of "Ferrum C" beauty products that have been exclusively created for the Rabbi Thermal Spa, which can also be purchased, that are made with thermal water and various plants and fruits that grow in the valley

Rabbi Thermal Spa
  Wellness, health and relaxation in the Stelvio National Park

Loc. Fonti 162
38020 Rabbi (TN)
Tel. (+39) 0463 983000 - Fax (+39) 0463 985070

from May 23rd to September 25th, 2016

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