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The Trentino Trasporti train (known to many as the Trento-Malé) connects the provincial capital with Val di sole.
Starting from Trento, the train passes through Valle di Non, to then arrive in Val di Sole and up to Mezzana, stopping in all the towns of the lower part of the valley.  As well as being a fast and efficient means of transportation, it is also an excellent way to enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape.

Download the schedules of the train

Trento - Malé - Mezzana (pdf - 2 MB)
Mezzana - Malé - Trento (pdf - 1,6 MB)

From June 23rd up to, at least, July 28th the section between TRENTO-MEZZOLOMBARDO along the TRENTO-MALÉ-MEZZANA railway will be closed due to maintenance work. Substitute bus service will however be provided during this period. Please check the timetable for schedule changes and substitute bus stops.

Groups will not be allowed to use the substitute bus service between TRENTO-MEZZOLOMBARDO, it is however possible to book groups using the railway between MEZZOLOMBARDO-MEZZANA, by writing to (group bookings do not ensure seating on board).

Bike transport will not be provided between TRENTO-MEZZOLOMBARDO during the railway closure, it will however be provided between MEZZOLOMBARDO - MEZZANA.


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